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Off to Seattle…

I am off to Puyallup to attend the largest sewing expo in the country! I’ve been told there are 25,000 attendees!

If you are going, I’d love to meet you! There is a small gathering at the Sew Baby booth #500 at 5 on Thursday and at booth #301 on Friday at 5.

I am bringing the PR Book proof with me to show to you guys. So excited!

Early Birthday Gift!

So you know I love to sew knits right? Don’t believe me? Check out my reviews. Most of them are knits. I love ’em. There is no denying that. But after a while it can be, well, ho-hum. I mean yeah I can whip up a cool top in a matter of hours so what’s next?

Well, meet my new friend Janome CoverPro 1000CP

Yes, as of today I am proud owner of a coverstitch machine. This powerful machine will help me achieve the professional finish I’ve been craving for years. And now there is nothing stopping me.

Why Janome? Well for starters it has 16 Glowing Reviews on PR and if that weren’t enough, the 300 page long topic on the boards convinced me it was a match made in heaven 🙂

The stars must be all lined up for this because around the same time Emily also decided to get this machine and both of us called Neverett’s who gave us an AWESOME DEAL on the machine. So we took a little trip today and two pretty machines followed us home!

Sky is the limit now! Oh I am so happy. My b’day came early this year.

Emily and I with our 1000CPs

Update: I had to try the machine the day I brought it home, so I quickly cut out a top and hemmed it. I even undid the twin needle stitching on one of my earlier tops to redo it with the coverstitch. And I NEVER fix things (more on that later)…

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