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The year at a glance


Jalie 2909 I wore these pants a lot when I first made them but now I am not in love with the fabric. Its too polyestery for me and truth be told the waist is too tight. It barely fits me! I went a little overboard in interfacing the waistband. It has no give! A quick to sew basic pants pattern which I plan to make many more of.


BurdaStyle 12-2009-122 When I sewed this skirt, it was mainly to practice topstitching on denim before I made the jeans. This however became the most worn piece of clothing in my closet. I wore it to two PR Weekends, two vacations and wore it to work all summer long. It’s starting to look a little ignored now that it’s winter. Very comfortable and stylish. I got a lot of compliments on it.

Jalie 2909 – Jeans In the photo it looks like I am pulling up the jeans but it’s hardly the case. Almost a year later these are the most worn jeans in my wardrobe. I love em. If you haven’t tried this pattern you need to.

BurdaStyle 02-2010-104 The skirt looks sharp but because its sort of limited to be worn with purple and this being the only purple top I have, I didnt wear it that much. I do like the fit of the skirt.

Jalie 2921 After this top I fell in love with the color purple. I wore this so much that its starting to pill!


Sew Liberated Emmeline Apron We went to see a 50s apron exhibit at the Textile Museum in Lowell and this apron was made for that. Supposed to be a simple project but it took me overΒ  6 hours! The reversible concept is nice in theory but it made the apron very bulky which is why it doesnt get used much in my kitchen. Pretty though!


New Look 6895 Oh gosh! This is another one of those tops which got worn so much over the summer that everyone must be wondering, is that all she has? Love the fabric and the style on me. And above all it is very roomy and comfortable.


— No Sewing Done —


Burda 8558 Morphed with Textile Studio Madison Avenue Dress It looks pretty but somehow I feel it also looks incomplete. I didn’t wear it much because I kept searching for a belt to go with it. Any ideas?


BurdaStyle 07-2008-108 Meh… Not my favorite top. Uncomfortable and weird on me.


— No Sewing Done —


— No Sewing Done —


Burda 8558 My first time sewing on sequin fabric. Never again! But I do love this top. I still haven’t worn it. I just keep admiring it in my closet πŸ™‚


— No Sewing Done —


— No Sewing Done —

Before I started this post I was feeling guilty of not sewing enough last year and especially since I’ve been reading everyone’s blogs and how much cool stuff you guys made, but in the process of writing this post and collecting the photos of my work in the past year I realized, I loved whatever I sewed and it got used so mission accomplished. I will not set any major goals for myself this year and just sew when I want to and somehow I know,Β  I’ll end up with something I’ll love. And so,Β  I’ll leave you with this happy thought and wish you a very happy new sewing year!

If you want your sewing mojo back…

Spend a weekend with a sewing friend…
Talk about sewing…
Ask to take a look at their projects…
If they are your size, ask to try on some of their stuff…
And then…
chances are if one of them fits you, it might come home with you. Like it did with me πŸ™‚

read about it here

But more than that, I was so inspired by the stuff Karen made that the first thing I wanted to do when I got back home was to SEW! Now, I didn’t mention this before but we’re in the middle of home reconstruction. So there is only one room in the entire house which is usable and despite that, I cleared out my kitchen counter, traced the Burda pattern from the magazine and sewed this top.

I wish I had taken photos because it was quite comical actually. My little table top ironing board on top of the kitchen counter, the cutting mat on the floor, fabric everywhere, the sewing machine balancing on the little table. And yet, somehow I was able to to sew. What can I say? I wanted to SEW. I needed to do it. The top however is not as flattering on me as on so many others on PatternReview but I’ll still wear it. It’s linen, its comfortable and I am sewing again! This is also my July project for the One Garment a Month Sew Along.

Burda 07-2008-108

Thanks to Karen, not only am I sewing again, I have a list of a whole new set of patterns I want to try. So take my advice, hang out with a sewing friend and you’ll see it’ll do wonders for you.

More Sewing! Someone stop me … or not

So I admit. I think I am obsessed with sewing these days. I think it’s because I am too sick of winter and just desperate for spring. What better way to dream of spring than to sew some spring outfits right? What do you think of this one?

It’s Jalie 2921 Scarf Top with Burda 02-2010-104 Skirt.

The skirt was inspired by Dawn (cabinbaby on PatternReview) actually. Ever since I saw her whipping out her pencil skirts, I’ve been on the lookout for a pattern which would work for me. See pencil skirts don’t really work for me because I think they make me look too bottom heavy. In other words, they make my butt look too big. And I’d rather not have to put a slit for walking room.

So this skirt in February Burda fit the bill perfectly. It has all the features I like, A-Line, back zipper, yoke instead of a waistband. It even has pockets!

I can see myself making many more of these!

So what’s the count for this month? THREE garments. Not bad huh! Including the Jeans. And I have a new outfit to wear to Puyallup and my Belize vacation. It’s been a good month.

Review of Jalie 2921
Review of Burda Skirt

Quick Photos of my Jeans

Ok you guys, this is how much I love you! I dropped everything and took some quick photos to show you the fit of the jeans. There are a few things I would like to change. For example, see how you can see the zipper pull from the front? It’s because a) they are pretty snug and b) there is not enough fabric covering the fly. Now, this is something I’d like to figure out how to change. Any ideas?

The flare is pretty substantial because I added an inch in length at the bottom because I wanted even more flare. But the photos don’t really show it. All in all, I LOVE THEM! And you know you did something right when a bunch of teenagers agree. I was modeling these to my friends here at the studio who run drawing and painting classes. The girls there exclaimed “YOU MADE THESE!”. They kept looking at it. Isn’t that the best compliment ever. I am so proud!

You know, I am going to try to control my emotions when I finally write the review tomorrow but I am noticing that as compared to the quick and easy projects I used to enjoy sewing before, I am loving the details in my last few projects. I sew only on the weekends, which gives me a chance to get away from PatternReview work and enjoy the reason why I started PatternReview in the first place.

My plan was to sew a little bit all week long but as I started working on these on Saturday, I just couldn’t stop. Who needs to eat, right?

Never say never! I made my own JEANS!

Ok so last year I declared confidently “I will never ever sew jeans”. Well, whaddaya know. Three months later, I sewed ’em!

In my defense, I don’t wear jeans that often but that doesn’t stop me from buying them! However out of the 5 pairs of jeans I have, only one fits me like a dream and that’s the only one I wear. It’s GAP.. So it should be easy to find another one just like it right? Wrong! When I now go to the stores, none of the GAP jeans fit me either. Go figure!

So I decided… life’s too short to keep wondering if my own jeans will be better. Well guess what? You guys were absolutely right! Jalie 2908 is an absolutely awesome pattern. I never want to be without it.

This weekend I cut myself off from everything. I didn’t even turn my computer on for the last two days if you can believe that! It did take me one full day and a few hours yesterday (start to finish right from tracing the pattern to topstitching) to sew these.

But boy do I love them or what?

I can now truly see why this pattern is so popular on It was also the BEST pattern of 2009 and I can see it being in the list again this year. I mean everyone needs jeans don’t they?

I am too excited right now to even write a review. I have to add rivets today and I’ll write a full review on PatternReview after that.

Meanwhile here’s another photo.

This is also my February project for the One Garment a Month Sew along.

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2908 Reviews

Best Patterns of 2009 article

Gagan is giving me the best birthday gift ever! We are going for a quick vacation to Belize this Friday! I am hoping to sew a quick linen top before we leave. That’s also the reason I wanted to finish these jeans this weekend…

One, no Two, or maybe THREE Garments in January?

How did this happen? Last year I barely made a garment a month. Somehow, a switch flipped in January and at this point, I sew every weekend! I am more proud than ever of my sewing and I enjoy sewing more and more every day. This is good news because that means that I am able to use that humongous stash of mine.

So back to what I’ve already made this month. I decided that I needed some new pants. I love Express Pants and they fit me like a dream but there are only two problems with that.

a) They are too much for my wallet.
b) I don’t like the quality of their fabric or their stitching.

I guess I am officially a SNOB! So, my solution: Make ’em!

And of course I turn to Jalie for trying out my first pair.

Jalie 2909 is a no fuss no pockets flat front pants pattern which fits the bill.

Image courtesy: Jalie and

First Pair

Problems: a) Waist too high even after shaving off an inch.
b) Length too short
c) Not enough flare

Second Pair

Much better!
Solutions: I shaved off yet another inch for a lower rise. Took in a little at the back seam and that solved the first problem. I added an inch for length. Unfortunately I had already cut it out before realizing I needed more flare.

In my 3rd pair, which I hope to work on soon, I will compare the flare to one of my express pants and add it to the pattern. And we can then call it done!

My Full Review on

Next up, JEANS! Yes, the Top Pattern of 2009 – yet another Jalie, 2908.

But before I dive into Jeans, I need to do a practice run on this skirt. I figured, I’ll practice the metal zipper on the fly front, waistband, top stitching and sewing on denim which will give me more confidence for Jeans.

Burda 12-2009-122

Image courtesy:

I am using a lightweight 6oz denim for this skirt.

More sewing: Well I have plans for the next 5 projects at least but I am just going to take it slow and talk about only one project at a time. This weekend is skirt sewing, unless I start some sewing tonight! Wish me luck.

Catching up…

So by now we’ve established that I am not a blogger. But that’s ok, it’s not the end of the world. I’d been beating myself up about it and as months flew by, it just got harder and harder. So going forward, no promises about how frequently I’ll post. I’ll do it when I feel like writing. So before I write about what’s going on now, a quick catch up.

Since August, I’ve:

1. Sewn a Cardi. I decided to make the shorter version because for my frame, its more flattering. Less fabric and more usable. The reason I’ve not written a review is because I want to make it again in a better fabric. But following others’ advice on PatternReview sewing this was a breeze and I love it.

2. Organized PatternReview’s FIRST booth and on-stage Fashion show at Novi!

3. Knit up a storm for my new nephew before he arrived and finally became an auntie on October 26th, 2009.

See the knitting album here

4. Inspired by one of the winning entries, in the Top Ten contest at Novi, made my own version in October.

Simplicity 3835 – Built By Wendy Dress

5. I am currently working on my second coat. So far, I’ve cut out the pattern pieces and marked them carefully. I was supposed to sew the lining tonight but I decided to catch up with my blogging instead. I’ve decided that sewing is therapeutic for me so I am taking things slow. These days I only sew an hour at most in one session and I am loving it!

Burda 8603

Isn’t it cute?

Here’s my WIP Review on PatternReview

6. Oh, and I have got to tell you this. The PatternReview book manuscript is done! finished. This is actually going to happen you guys! I am so excited…

Personally I’ve gone through some trying last few weeks but the good news is that I am out of it. The thing with sorrow: when you’re going through it, the whole world comes crashing down on you, but as long as you figure out what gets you out of it, it only makes you stronger. And that’s how I feel today so I thought I’d share it with you. I receive emails from so many of you expressing how sewing helps you in sadness and I feel the same way too now. It really does help to “create”. So here’s to sewing and creating. May we all continue to create and share!

July Project – Dress!

So this One Garment a Month is really working for me. I’ve noticed that this is also the only time I update the blog. Which made me think… I like deadlines, I like making plans and then sticking to them. So I am going to start a Wishful Wednesday. Why wednesday? Because Mondays are crazy for me and I barely have time to breathe let alone blog. I like setting easy deadlines so Wednesday it is.

Since I obviously can’t sew every Wednesday, my goal is to talk about a project I wish I could sew and hopefully some of these projects will make it to my one garment a month schedule.

I am hoping this will help me update my blog more, talk about sewing a bit more, learn about the things which will and will not work for me and who knows, maybe some of you will even like reading about my projects and perhaps add your own.

So that’s my plan and I am sticking to it.. I hope… I can.. I will… We’ll see…

On to the July Project

A lovely (if I may say so myself) summer dress! From March 2009 Burda. I’ve already written a full review on PatternReview so hop on over there to read it.

I made the necklace too!

Two garments in June – Not Bad!

So last year I started this sew along – One Garment a Month which is REALLY working for me. It’s made sewing fun for me once again and it has kept me on track and I find myself look forward to each month. And since I fell off the wagon in May, I decided to make two things this month.

My first finished project this month is this favorite bib-front shirt (01-2008-108), this time in hanky weight linen from

I loved playing with the wing needle!

This is also as close as it gets for my only white shirt.

Full Review on PatternReview

My second garment for this month is this fun and flirty skirt from my favorite knit skirt pattern, kwik sew 3032

Seriously, I’ve lost count of how many skirts I’ve made from this pattern. It sure has served me well. And it’s so quick to make too. Since the fabric has white background, I decided to line it with silk weight powerdry which I bought from a coop years ago. If you can get your hands on it, go for it. It’s good stuff! Feels like butter against the skin.

Needless to say I am feeling pretty proud of myself this month πŸ™‚ Up next, the trench! wish me luck.

PR Weekend and more…

I am notorious for not updating my blog. Its not that I don’t want to. It’s just that I don’t give it the priority I should. May was really busy too with the PR Weekend, and then the PatternReview book and now that summer’s here (sort of), I am busy working in my garden. So I’ll try to make this short. I really don’t want to go into the newsletter mode I generally do when I write the PatternReview newsletter πŸ™‚

So this is what I’ve been up to in the last month or so.

May 15th – 17th
PR Weekend Portland

Highlights for ME
Meeting so many of you, I spend hours every day with.

Chatting with old friends from previous PR Weekends

Getting hooked on to NAIL POLISH!

making a lot of new friends

And having a blast in the school bus.

Seriously, one shouldn’t be allowed to have this much fun. I’ve written a more detailed report on PatternReview, so you can read it here.

Fun with my Niece
May 17th – 20th I was in San Jose, CA to spend some time with my cousin and my favorite (only) niece. Anusha, my 5 yo niece reminds me so much of myself when I was little. Not that I remember my childhood but I do remember being full of energy, vivacious and a handful and she is just like that. Whenever I go there, we have a ball. I shared my love of nail polish with her. She is only FIVE but she loved it. Cidell gave me this really cool blue nail polish.

So that’s May for ya. In June, I got busy with my garden. And it doesn’t look half bad, if I may say so myself. I’d better drop my gym membership. Its been months since I went and I’d rather spend time gardening than go to the gym. Actually I’d rather do anything than go to the gym 😦

My Garden Photos

On the sewing front, I haven’t made much progress since the skirt I sewed for PR Weekend which was worth every second I spent on it. I SIMPLY LOVE IT. This is also my May garment for One a Month Sew Along.

My Review Burda 8407 on

On the sewing machine is another quick skirt from Kwik Sew 3032 and I am planning to make the Jalie Pants after that.

I must now go back to browsing more nail polish colors. I just can’t get enough of it. Thanks to Cidell!

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