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A day in the Big Apple

It’s never the same…
And yet, there is a certain familiarity to it every time I visit. This weekend was the most fun mainly because I went for ME!

On Friday I met the nice folks at Simplicity and delivered the Best Pattern Certificates personally. They were really honored to receive them and told me how much they love PatternReview. While there, I also got a sneak peak at their next collection. I won’t ruin the surprise for you all but let me just say that it ROCKS!

Not only did I get to try the Amazing Fit Pants (which are awesome by the way), but I also got some really neat tips on finishing the coat vent. Deborah was trying to explain how to do it and I had this really sad, helpless expression on my face. She must have seen it cause she said, “Would you like me to get it fixed for you here?” Would I? OF COURSE! So guess what? My coat vent is all fixed up and she is going to send me easy vent completion directions later.

As Judy, Deborah, Bonnie and I sat around the table talking for hours, I realized why this company is so successful at what they do. Their whole team is clearly passionate about sewing and they love every minute of it. Deborah showed me around their offices and looked at me said, “I go home inspired every day and wish I could just sew every minute of my free time”. Back in 2005 they had done a fabulous tour for PR Weekend Attendees so I knew (sort of) my way around.

If you guys are going to the Puyallup sewing expo, stop by Simplicity’s booth and introduce yourself. They’d love to hear from PR members.

Next stop on my list was Jonathan’s embroidery shop. Kenneth King had recommended this shop for buttonholes. Remember the coat I made back in November? Well it still needed some buttonholes. And these nice folks at Jonathan create professional looking keyhole buttonholes in seconds, while you wait. So 5 bucks and 15 minutes later, I was finally able to admire my coat in it’s full glory!

256 W 38th Street, New York, NY

I also picked up some buttons for my new blouse from MJ Trim. I must say that I wasn’t too impressed with their selection or the prices. In future, I am sticking to Sawyer Brook for their best match service.

I met Kenneth King for breakfast the next day and what a treat it was. Check out these cool coats! He refashioned this coat from a flea market find. It’s monkey fur.

And this one is made with Hair Extensions which Kenneth sewed onto ribbon.

He teaches all these techniques in his FUR class on PR in case you’re interested. One of the things which I love about him is the fact that despite being aware of his talent, Kenneth is a very modest, down-to-earth guy. He said to me “Look, I am basically a lazy guy, so I figure out the smarter way of doing things which will give me the same result in half the time.” Now don’t you love that? He ranks his pieces by how far he walks before he gets a compliment on it 🙂 And it is true. His work is out of this world.

My cousin met up with me at the MET later and boy! It was my first time and I cant tell you for how long I’ve been wanting to visit this museum. It was worth the wait. We were only there for a couple hours but it was a treat each step of the way. Here are some photos I took with my blackberry.

My 4 year old nephew loved the Arms and Armour section!

Just because you are going to war doesn’t mean that you can’t be fashionable!

Talk about self control. I passed Spandex House but didn’t even peek inside.

Sunday was spent with family and I admit I haven’t gone to bed so inspired in a long time. I want to make a FUR coat, the Amazing Fit Pants, Another winter coat, a Linen Top, and at least 5 more blouses! Looks like by the time PR Weekend rolls around, I will have an entirely new wardrobe.

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