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Don’t fence me in…

We have a bedtime routine. Most days… I give Dia a bath, sing to her, read to her, feed her and she sleeps. Most days… The days when bath time somehow turns into “I am all alert now”, I indulge and play with her. So the other day, I put her in her crib and stepped out for a minute. When I returned, this is what I see… Are you kiddin’ me? Didn’t we just start crawling? Oh yeah… we’re standing now! And there is no fencing us.

And now, that’s all she wants to do. Hold on to something and stand up. My mom tells me that my brother started walking when he was 9 months old!

Check out this cute video I took the next day. I have watched it at least 20 times!

And needless to say, we adjusted the level on her crib so the mattress is way down. That doesn’t stop her though.





Dia is a Jet Setter!

While Gagan was away for a couple weeks, I decided to brave a cross country trip alone with Dia to visit my cousin- Niti and her family. Mother’s mother is called “Mausi” in Hindi. Oh yeah, we have different names for each relation. And they are different if they are from father’s said. For example, Father’s sister is called “Bua”. That’s your lesson for today. Moving on…

So I was a tiny bit concerned on flying with her alone now that she is a little mobile. But all my worries went away when I entered the plane. Dia loved it! She was happily sitting in my lap strapped to mommy in her sling. We had a 1.5 hour layover in Atlanta which was just enough time to go from one terminal to the other and exchange my window seat for an aisle.

Once there, Dia loved all the attention she was getting from her Mausi and her cousins. My 9 year old Niece went crazy! She was like a mini mom to Dia. The second day, we were there, I was actually able to leave Dia with Niti and went out for a little bit with my Niece and Nephew.


Did I mention that I love girls and girlie girl things? Anusha, my niece had been saving this bead making kit to make with me. And we did. It was so much fun. A quick trip to Michaels and somehow we ended up with more beads than she ever needs ๐Ÿ™‚ But at least she will have an endless supply of bracelets.


Day 3 was baking with Mausi day! We donned our aprons and baked chocolate chip cookies. YUM! Here’s my go to recipe for triple chocolate cookies.



Day 4 we spent the day in San Francisco! One of my favorite cities in the whole world. Did I mention that in my previous life I wanted to be an Architect and this my friends is the city made for them. I was so mesmerized by the little houses with cute porches that I even forgot to take pictures.

We did some touristy things..
With my niece

The Golden Gate Bridge…


Hung out at the Pier

And Of course had the famous Sourdough soup bowl.

sourdough bowl

At home with Niti and the kids, Dia loved swinging in her backyard. And we loved it so much that we locked ourselves out. OKAY, I admit, I locked us out. God bless my Brother in law who came to rescue us with his key. Oh well… they don’t call me absent minded for nothing ๐Ÿ™‚


On our last day with Niti, Dia started crawling! We even caught it on video.

Little munchkin had jetlag! It was too cute. On our ride back home, Dia slept throughout! Me, I kept my eyes closed trying to lock in the wonderful memories from our first trip together as a Mother and Daughter. Memories so beautiful, that years later when you close your eyes again, you are taken right back to the west coast, in the valley, at the foothill of the spectacular mountains.

Back home in New England – Home sweet home, we both crashed for 10 hours!

More Pictures from our California Trip

It must be nice to be loved this much

“It must be nice to be loved this much”, says Gagan one morning while planting kisses all over Dia. Seriously, if you test the DNA on her face, it’ll be a crazy amount. We’re having a really fantastic summer. We’ve done a lot and it’s hard to believe she is 6 months old already. Not that fragile little tiny tot she was when she was born. This is fun!

Back to being loved… What Gagan said, made me think. Ever since becoming a mom, I feel closer to my mom more than ever. While feeding Dia, burping her, rocking her to sleep, bathing her, I wonder, “Did mom do this with me”, “What did she feel when she became a mother”? Both Gagan and I are first borns and because of that we do share some personality traits. But what sucks is that we often forget how much we were loved to when we were little. I think it’s important to remember that to value the love and affection showered on us not only when we were little but also now, when we are older. For children never really grow old for parents. do they? I understand why my mom lights up when I call. Or even now when I visit, she wants to make all my favorite foods.

That is LOVE and we are so grateful that we have it.

Back to Dia, as I mentioned, we have been busy.

We had Babaji (father’s father), Dadima (father’s mother) and Badi Dadima (father’s grandmother) visit, which was a lot of fun.

We had the mundan ceremony in which the grandfather shaves off baby’s hair. We save that hair to offer to the deity later. It was a lot of hair!

With Grandpa after the Mundan

Leslie came to stay with us for a few days and lets just say, I kinda lost my voice after she left. I don’t think we stopped talking for even a minute! She was the perfect “Mausi” to Dia. And the cool thing was that Dia got along just fine with her. But then, she is Leslie Mausi.

Among other things Dia attended Daddy’s graduation

Went on her first family vacation.

Had many visitors and was the center of attention (still is) while they were here.

We got her a pool. She loved it!

We even made some gifts for Daddy on his first Father’s Day!

We also went to Boston for a nice luncheon with the ladies and made new friends.

What’s really thrilling for me is that she loves to spend time in my studio while I sew. She loves the whir of a sewing machine and the brightly colored walls, the texture of fabric and loves hanging out with me there. I can’t believe I am actually sewing!

I love this photo!

We’ve had 3 rounds of immunizations and I must say she is a very brave girl. She is sitting up on her own now and is almost about to crawl. There is really no point in working when she is around so I don’t even try. Have I said this before? I love being a MOM! For me it’s the greatest feeling in the whole world. I know she is going to grow up and do her own things sooner than I realise but for now, we love hanging out!

Somebody loves oatmeal

A couple of days before she turns 4 months, I decided to give infant oatmeal to Dia. She has been watching me eat pretty intently and today seemed like a good day so I gingerly touched a tiny spoon of oatmeal cereal to her lips and to my delight, she loved it. She squealed and started flinging her arms and legs for more. I was alone at home but wished somehow I could capture it on video. So I gave her more and a little bit more. She drooled out some but mostly liked it. I cannot express the joy it gave me to be able to feed her. My baby is growing up. She can eat now! It’s awesome.

Getting Measured

I SEW. I really do and I love it most days. I can give you a thousand excuses as to why I haven’t sewn for her but the truth is that I just haven’t felt it yet. That’s until last night when I was on a date with my friend Emily. A few whirs on the machine and I was back in the game. Of course it helped that Dia was hanging out in the room with us. It was a good evening. I was feeling more like myself again. Most of you know that I am single moming it on the weekdays while Gagan is at school. So there you go, another excuse for not sewing. But it’s just that, an excuse. If you truly love to do something, you will make time for it. So today I decided to measure the princess…. Yes, that’s what she was today. Check it out for yourself.

Is that enough PINK for you ๐Ÿ™‚

Rolling over

A day before her 3rd month, Dia rolled over from her tummy to her back. Yes, of course we have become those annoying parents who have to record every silly little thing their child does. But I guess we do have to come a full circle so we get to do all the silly stuff too and we love it! We even caught it on video. Check it out.

Gifts from the heart

In today’s world of iPads, iPhone, eBooks, e-Cards , evites and many others Es and Is there are a special few who still take the time to make things with their hands. And this post is to acknowledge, appreciate and honor their effort. Additionally I want my daughter to grow up appreciating art of all kinds and for her to realize how lucky she is to have so manyย  people who have welcomed her with open arms and with open hearts. So lets begin shall we?

#1 Knitted Vest by Badi Dadima (Father’s grandmother) #2 Beaded Bracelet by Dadima ( Father’s Mother )
#3 Crocheted Jacket made by Aditiย  Chachi (Father’s Brother’s Wife)


#4 PhotoBook by Amisha Chachi ( Father’s brother’s wife)

#5 Heirloom Quilt by Leslie Mausi ( Mom’s Friend/sister )

#6 Custom Mirror by Aunty Noelle

#7 Diaper Bag and Flannel Blankets by Aunty Sharon

#8 Knitted Hat by Aunty Jennifer
#9 Knitted Jacket by Aunty Tini


A special gift is worth mentioning here This is Dia’s FIRST gift. When she was only 20 weeks!!!!

By Aunt Emily


Until Dia can thank you herself, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the lovely gifts. She is enjoying each and every one of your gifts.

I am not going to feel guilty!

It’s 70 degrees outside – our first REAL spring day! But what makes it even more enjoyable are audible laughs and sounds from Dia! She is totally trying to talk and responds when we talk to her. At a little less than 3 months, she is holding her head up and is quite a kicker! She is still sleeping through the night and is as energetic as ever in the mornings. So today when in the afternoon she was in a playful mood and when I turned to look at her, this is what I saw! I’d been feeling guilty all morning not being able to work today and at that very moment, I decided not to.ย  This is mama’s time with her daughter and if she wants me, she is going to get my full attention. So we’re just hanging out at home today not feeling guilty and just being mother and daughter, laughing, playing and telling stories. It’s hard to imagine what my life was before Dia was in it.ย  This summer is going to be like no other!

We don't want to work. Lets go home!

A New Hobby!

They say forget about your hobbies when the baby comes along. Well not so much in my case. Dia taught me a new hobby – origami.

Lying in her cradle as she was staring at the blank ceiling in my office, my friends suggested I make something for her to look at. A few google searches and dabbling in a few different types of origami objects I settled for something simple. A kimono mobile! I decided to add beads for added interest. Used my trusty hot glue gun to put everything together and hung it from two chopsticks. Took no time at all and I think she likes it!



It’s all about the smiles now!

Dia turned two months old on the 24th and it’s as if a switch flipped! She started smiling a whole lot.


With Dia, each day is a new discovery and new beginnings and new milestones. There is so much to write. But I won’t bore you with mommy talk ๐Ÿ™‚

I take her to work with me and it’s going well. Although since the last week or so, since she is awake more, I am getting less and less done ๐Ÿ™‚ And to be honest the time I do work, and she is awake, I feel guilty because I don’t want to miss a second of what she does.

Sewing for Dia? Nothing yet. However, I’ve bought some cute fabric from and that should be showing up on our doorstep any day now.

Shopping for Dia? Oh Yeah! Someone stop me. I keep buying the cute clothes, I can’t help myself. I know she will outgrow them so quickly but c’mon,ย  who can resist this?

OR this

I do plan to sew for her. I just need some time ๐Ÿ™‚ With Gagan back in school for another 6 weeks or so, on the weekdays it’s just me and Dia. So far so good.

If you ask me my favorite time with Dia, it’s the morning. She gives me a big smile when I change her diaper in the morning ๐Ÿ™‚ Then she hangs out in her crib with her favorite mobile while I have my morning coffee in her room on the couch.

And guess what? I might have picked up another hobby – ORIGAMI!

More on that later…

Some more photos:

At her first playdate with Olivia

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