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A lover of all things creative, I started sewing in 2001 which is also when I started, an online sewing community.  I also love to travel and you’ll see a lot of it on my blog. I live in Massachusetts with my husband Gagan



who patiently lets me explore fabric stores in all our travels! Lately a lot of my posts have been about my daughter – Dia (currently 2.5 years old). I can’t help it! I guess this has become my digital scrapbook. I hope one day when she is old enough, she’ll enjoy reading about herself 🙂


And since I love to “create” I like to experiment in my kitchen too. We are all vegetarians so I am constantly experimenting with cuisines from all around the world. Most make it to the table but  some aren’t so lucky 🙂

My motto – BE PRESENT! I live for today,  so when someone asks me my long term goals, I say “Ask me what I am doing for lunch!”

My style is fun and funky. I rarely follow trends but I love them anyway 🙂 It’s what keeps things fresh. I am inspired by color and you’ll rarely find anything in basic colors in my wardrobe. As for accessories, I love handbag and shoes! But I’ve never met a girl who doesn’t so I am ok I guess 🙂 My current favorite color is Purple. It was inspired by this top I sewed.

On this blog, I will share my travel experiences, my cooking experiments,  fun traditions. Heck, I might even talk about sewing!

2 thoughts on “About Deepika

  1. Hi Deepika, Didn’t realise patternreview was yours. What a great site you have and what a community you have built. Many congratulations.

  2. Hello Deepika
    I am Krishna from India and I found your Blog and patternreview community today, I really enjoy your blog and now Interested to join your forum. Is it free ? It showing message that new joining only via invitation. Can you help me how to join it.

    Thank you

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