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Who Am I?

I had an Epiphany today and for some reason I feel the urge to talk about it.

What YOU see as yourself can be considerably different than how others see you. And it is usually this disconnect which leads to a lot of issues. Who am I? A person who is very conflicted in answering this question. Depends on the day. There are days when I feel I am Indian, proud of the free country and the rich heritage my birth country gave me. There are days I only feel American, equally proud of my adopted country where I truly found myself, and grew up as a woman. Some days I feel I am Chinese while other days Japanese. I even feel Greek on some days. There are days I only feel like an artist. And then there are days I feel NOTHING AT ALL. Why does the color of my skin define me to others when I certainly don’t define myself by it? I define myself by my actions and nothing else. Maybe one day I will get tired of fighting for the things I believe in but until then I have got to try.

Am I am misfit in most places? Yes, and I just have to come to terms with that. I wish I could be a Citizen of the Universe like Ruth Asawa.

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