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2018 Summer Vacation Week 2

Summer Vacation continues for Miss Dia. This week she did two fun camps and discovered that she actually likes playing basketball!

In the science of building class she made a wooden show box. Complete with hinges and everything. The teacher said that she was the youngest in the class and was very focused! Why am I not surprised? She loves to learn and to make.

Speaking of classes, I took one too! Indigo dyeing. It was a full day class , but so much fun .

Gosh now I want to dye everything in my house.

Miss Dia got a haircut in preparation for our trip to Vegas and Grand Canyon (next post).

And finally off on the plane we went to Vegas where I was the keynote speaker at ASG’s national sewing conference. 700 people! Yup you can say that I was a little nervous 😉

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