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If you’re here because you’ve followed me from Patternreview, I bet you also have a sizable fabric stash. And a good percentage of that is fabrics you’re “saving” because they are too “good” to sew.  I am the same way. But this year I just got tired of looking and dreaming about them. Time to take action and sew them up.  Sure,  at first I was afraid to cut into them, but then I told myself, even if the project isn’t what I envisioned it to be, it will still look better on me than in my closet.

I shared my pledge with you on Instagram and so many of you joined me and that my friends, makes me happy. It also keeps me honest 🙂

February is more than half way done and I figured now’s a good time to report back on my progress.

I started off with Sewing this Sweater in this luscious Hudson Sweater Knit from O Jolly! I purchased it almost a year ago. The fabric was a joy to work with and I enjoy wearing it. Winter white is now my new favorite. Bonus: I learned how to tame the sweater knit!


Full Review on PatternReview

Sometimes even a simple fabric can feel special because of the lovely print. This was exactly the case with this heavyweight double sided ponte I bought from Emma One Sock (She still has it!) . I think it was last year or maybe the year before. I decided to stop fussing over it too much and picked the Sew Over It Heather Dress Pattern. Another score!

Project Details on PatternReview

Now this next fabric is truly special to me. Last year my friends and I had a mini reunion after 17 years in London and I decided to also host a PatternReview meetup then. Read more about it here. I spotted this luscious Liberty silk in one of the stores at Goldhawk road and it had to come home with me. Finally getting the courage to sew it up meant that I can not only wear it but it is also a pleasant reminder of what a fantastic trip that was. Double score!

Pattern – Sew Over It Pussy Bow Blouse – Details here

Moving on..

This Velvet… Oh my goodness. So luscious, so pretty and in my favorite color. I have no idea how long I have had this in my stash for and how many times I’ve gotten it out to pet it. You know what I am talking about don’t you? Well it was time to sew it up. I still have to write about this on PR but basically I made it into a swing dress with literally just two seams (shoulder and side). In fact I used this dress as an example to demonstrate tips on sewing with velvet on my upcoming show in June. My walking foot was super helpful. I hemmed the dress by hand. I’ve lined it with silk! I wore it early this week, for my birthday dinner and absolutely loved it. Yes it feels so much better to finally not just stare at it and wear it. I think I might have to make a similar dress for Dia too. How cute would she look right?



On the set! It was so much fun. Speaking of which I am basically just having fun with my fabrics. I am not entering them in any competition, just sewing for the fun of it.

Last week I squeezed in yet another #sewprecious2017 garment. This time its for Dia. She loves shopping my stash and has had her eye on this liberty tana lawn for a while so I decided to surprise her with this dress. I relied on my trusty Geranium dress of course. I can’t believe my daughter has now outgrown the original size. Thankfully Rae has one in larger sizes so off I went to buy it and by the magic of digital patterns, I was able to assemble, cut and sew all in one weekend. Purplicious isnt it?


That my friends is it for now. I think this is the most fun I’ve had in a while! With each project I am learning something new and that is always a good thing.

What about you? Are you with me? Are you sewing your “precious” stash? If so, leave a link in the comments below. I’d love to read more about your project too.


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