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The BIG 4…0…

When I was 15 years old FORTY sounded so… well OLD! You know how it is when you’re 15 right? I was on top of the world (my own world) not a care in the world.

And here I am 25 years later turning FORTY! And guess what? I still feel on top of the world and that’s not half bad I say. Granted that this past year has been a record number of FIRSTS. Like having to jump up a size! But listen one size in 15 years is not bad at all. At least that’s what I am telling myself and I am ok with it. I also started working out, YIKES!!! Need to keep up with my VERY energetic 4 year old. <rant> And what’s up with Carbs getting a bad rap? Man I love Carbs… Unfortunately for me, they don’t love me back!!! SOB!!! </end rant>

Can I tell you what the best thing about turning 40 is? It’s the 40 years of wonderful experiences that I now have under my belt. My lovely family and fabulous friends who have been there with me and see it all. All I need to do is close my eyes and relive those memories whenever I want. I may not be in the best state of health, but I sure am in the best state of MIND!

Someone interviewed me a while ago asking me about my Goals. What’s that? Don’t ask me what I am doing in 10 years when I don’t even know what I am doing for lunch!

Does that mean I am cruising through life? Maybe so, but, I am cruising along with REALLY good company and that’s what matters the most to me.



I believe LIFE is a PRIVILEGE. To be born and living in a FREE WORLD is something to be grateful for and I am not going to waste any minute of it. So bring on the 40s, let’s see what the fuss is all about!

And to these two wonderful people who brought me into this colorful world, I only have one thing to say. “Mom and Dad, thanks for putting up with me for the last 40 years! I LOVE YOU!”







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3 thoughts on “The BIG 4…0…

  1. Happy birthday, Deepika! You are living the dream!

  2. I just found this. But I wanted to encourage you that after all has been said and done, way too long ago now, I discovered that my 40’s were the best years of my life. An absolute fab era. (Of course, I moved to France basically on my 40th birthday and totally changed my life, but that’s beside the point.)

    After 50, my personal life went downhill, but now mid 60’s it’s all picking up again. I must admit PR is having a lot to do with that, as I’m climbing back up with my renewed involvement in sewing.

    Keep enjoying your world. And your Montreal photos were totally adorable. (I used to make matching things with my girls, too.)

    • Barbara, so nice to see you here. Sewing does keep me sane and I think a lot of others on PR feel the same way. I think it does add a bit of spice to life.

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