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Me Made May Week #1 and #2

I realize this is the most narcissistic post (can you stand to look at so many photos… ARGH I can’t.) I’ve ever written, but it needs to be documented so here I am, doing it.

So Me – Made – May, is about wearing something handmade every day and and loving it. It is really not an effort for me because most of the clothes I wear are me-made anyway but I’ve taken it upon myself to not repeat an outfit. So I am digging out things I have not worn in a while and its kinda cool. We’re half way there and its starting to bother me a little bit because I am wanting to wear some of my favorite RTW pieces but I am going to stick it out 🙂 Here’s what I wore last couple weeks.


Day #1

I was on my way to the airport (what a nightmare of a flight!) for PR Weekend. Wore RTW pants and Jacket with Oversized Olivia T-Shirt. Perfect travel outfit.


Day #2

At the PR Weekend, so of course that means more than one outfit.  Color blocked Faux Leather Skirt (review here) and Pinterest Inspired Dress (review here)


Day2Day #3

All about PatternReview. The dress, the event.. everything! In the Morning for shopping day I wore Summer Street Dress bodice with a circle skirt attached (no review yet) and in the evening for cocktails I wore The Winter Street Dress.




Day #4

Back home on the plane from Austin. I didn’t get to take a photo (too tired) but I wore Plantain top with RTW pants.



Day #5

Missed taking a photo again! So cold back here in MA! Perfect for my Drape Drape Top.



Day #6

I dug out the first Summer Street Dress. I didn’t wear it all winter because I don’t have tights which work with this. But yay for warm weather. Loved it. I really should wear this more often.


BTW I got tired to ask Gagan to take photos so I installed this fantastic app called TimerCam on my phone and it works like a charm!

Day #7

Still so cold here but at-least I can go without wearing tights now. This is a self drafted half circle skirt from a gorgeous blue ponte knit. Love it! RTW tank and cardigan (Loft).



Day #8

This is hands down the most worn garment in my wardrobe. Its the same Summer Street Dress pattern ( I can’t help it, it fits me so well) in ITY knit. Reviewed here. The yellow/green cardigan looks a little too bright in the photo but in real life it goes well with this dress.


Day #9

I totally don’t remember what I wore this day, but I do know it was me-made.


Day #10

Saturday. Usually I don’t care about clothes on the weekend, just pull out whatever but this Saturday I made an effort. I love this outfit. I wear this a lot actually. Maxi skirt and Tonic T-shirt (note to self, make more!)


Day #11

Mother’s Day. What a glorious day we had. In honor of Mother’s Day, I dressed myself and Dia in matching dress. Some may call it creepy, but I call it cute. I dont know if I have the courage to go out in matching outfit though. But here we go. Winter Street Dress for me and Anywhere Dress for Dia.



Day #12

Monday Blahs….  Forgot to take a photo, but this is the outfit. (Ugh.. I hate my hair, and what’s up with headless photo?).

New Look Top and Burda Skirt.




Day #13

Ok I feel like myself again. I usually don’t wear white tops, but I love my lace plantain. RTW Pants.


Tired of looking at me yet? I am! One last photo and I’ll let you go.


Day #14

I dug this one out. I love this top. Only took me a year to knit this. Its a freaking t-shirt! I can sew one up in 45 minutes but I still love it. Later that day, I found this in hot laundry pile. Now I either need to shed a few lbs or wear a super tight split neck tee. Don’t wanna talk about it… too depressed. Skirt is Boot skirt I made ages ago, but still love it. Why haven’t I made this again? I have no idea.



See you next week when I do another round up and we’ll see if I stuck it out or not.







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