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Me-Made-Week for Dia

The whole Me-Made-May had me baffled! Hundreds of sewers/sewists and crafters took a pledge to wear self-made items every day in the month of May. Super cool. But you know, I almost wear Me-Made I am not boasting.. just stating a fact. In fact, upon inspection of my closet I found that the pieces I do not end up wearing are all store bought! Now that is something to be proud of and I am. But you know me… I always need something to challenge myself so since I’ve been sewing up a storm for Dia.



How about next week (June 17th – 23rd ) I am going to dress Dia in at least one piece of clothing which I’ve made for her. And while we’re at it, I’ll make sure that I am wearing a me-made every day too. And at the end of the week, I’m going to document the things she and I wore.

Another reason I am doing this is because she loves it when I take photos of her so this will be an added bonus and something to look forward to. So stay tuned for some cute show and tell.

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One thought on “Me-Made-Week for Dia

  1. Cherie on said:

    Deepika, best-dressed, cutest little girl ever! Totally wonderful. A great way to use your skills, and maybe a bit of teaching too!

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