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B Present…

It’s going to sound so lame but this is something which has stuck with me. And it came from a movie!

Rumor Has It

Trust me I am not going to go preachy on you especially when I haven’t blogged in about 6 months! But just this morning as I was thinking about starting to write again I thought I’ll begin with this post.  I am guilty of not being “present” most of the time. Think about it. We’re either living in the past (oh those good ‘ol days) or in the anticipation or excitement of the future. But rarely ever in the present.

Gagan and I used to fight all the time when I would insist on taking photos of everything and everywhere I went. My argument “I want to be able to re-live this”. He’d say “But you’re missing it now!” Of course back then I would never agree with him but I do now 😉

And in this era of living VERY public lives (thanks to Facebook) we’re almost always living in the future when we take photos every second of the day to “share” later. In the last few events I’ve attended I’ve actually made a conscious effort to NOT do this and let me tell you it was not easy at first, but it was liberating! I didn’t care how I looked, I was just having fun with people I love. I was present. What a concept right? Then I started thinking… when am I ever present? I suppose one of the few times I am actually present is when I am spending time with my munchkin – Dia and I would not trade that for anything in this world. So I am going to end this on a positive note and go home and “BE PRESENT”


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