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Documenting my Life – Day 3 – Me and My Spouse

The whole point of this exercise (besides creating a photo journal) is to improve my photography skills. So I’ve been trying to step away from the “Auto” mode of my DSLR. I wanted to take some kick ass portraits yesterday for today’s post. Well, let me tell you something about my spouse. He does not like his photos taken. Nor does he like to take photos. Except of course if they involve Dia (our 1 year old). But he loves me, so he humors me every now and then. Considering these were taken outdoors with no flash at 5 pm, I think I did a pretty good job didn’t I? And just to prove my point how reluctant he is as a subject, here are some shots.

I used the A/V setting on my camera and dropped the F way down.


You can see the background is more in focus (not what I wanted)


Finally! I can't believe this handsome guy is my husband!

As for my photos, I was not feeling inspired to take self portraits so I am posting some old photos.

Gagan took this picture on the portrait setting on the DSLR. Not bad!

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