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Documenting my life – Day 2- The Inside of my Home

Home, a 4 letter word which means different things to different people. For me, its about feeling safe and being with my loved ones. It’s a place where I can kick back, relax and not worry about anything.Tricorvar istspan4 = document.getElementById(“istspan4”);var mySpanEmpty = document.createElement(“span”);istspan4.parentNode.replaceChild(mySpanEmpty, istspan4); It is a warm place where we welcome our guests and share a meal with them. This is my home. It may not jump out from the covers of a magazine but it’s mine and I am grateful for it.





My Sewing Studio






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One thought on “Documenting my life – Day 2- The Inside of my Home

  1. Love a home that looks like a home. Can’t you tell I have just come across your blog. You should receive sa few comments from me as I scan through lol.