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Dia is a Jet Setter!

While Gagan was away for a couple weeks, I decided to brave a cross country trip alone with Dia to visit my cousin- Niti and her family. Mother’s mother is called “Mausi” in Hindi. Oh yeah, we have different names for each relation. And they are different if they are from father’s said. For example, Father’s sister is called “Bua”. That’s your lesson for today. Moving on…

So I was a tiny bit concerned on flying with her alone now that she is a little mobile. But all my worries went away when I entered the plane. Dia loved it! She was happily sitting in my lap strapped to mommy in her sling. We had a 1.5 hour layover in Atlanta which was just enough time to go from one terminal to the other and exchange my window seat for an aisle.

Once there, Dia loved all the attention she was getting from her Mausi and her cousins. My 9 year old Niece went crazy! She was like a mini mom to Dia. The second day, we were there, I was actually able to leave Dia with Niti and went out for a little bit with my Niece and Nephew.


Did I mention that I love girls and girlie girl things? Anusha, my niece had been saving this bead making kit to make with me. And we did. It was so much fun. A quick trip to Michaels and somehow we ended up with more beads than she ever needs 🙂 But at least she will have an endless supply of bracelets.


Day 3 was baking with Mausi day! We donned our aprons and baked chocolate chip cookies. YUM! Here’s my go to recipe for triple chocolate cookies.



Day 4 we spent the day in San Francisco! One of my favorite cities in the whole world. Did I mention that in my previous life I wanted to be an Architect and this my friends is the city made for them. I was so mesmerized by the little houses with cute porches that I even forgot to take pictures.

We did some touristy things..
With my niece

The Golden Gate Bridge…


Hung out at the Pier

And Of course had the famous Sourdough soup bowl.

sourdough bowl

At home with Niti and the kids, Dia loved swinging in her backyard. And we loved it so much that we locked ourselves out. OKAY, I admit, I locked us out. God bless my Brother in law who came to rescue us with his key. Oh well… they don’t call me absent minded for nothing 🙂


On our last day with Niti, Dia started crawling! We even caught it on video.

Little munchkin had jetlag! It was too cute. On our ride back home, Dia slept throughout! Me, I kept my eyes closed trying to lock in the wonderful memories from our first trip together as a Mother and Daughter. Memories so beautiful, that years later when you close your eyes again, you are taken right back to the west coast, in the valley, at the foothill of the spectacular mountains.

Back home in New England – Home sweet home, we both crashed for 10 hours!

More Pictures from our California Trip

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