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It must be nice to be loved this much

“It must be nice to be loved this much”, says Gagan one morning while planting kisses all over Dia. Seriously, if you test the DNA on her face, it’ll be a crazy amount. We’re having a really fantastic summer. We’ve done a lot and it’s hard to believe she is 6 months old already. Not that fragile little tiny tot she was when she was born. This is fun!

Back to being loved… What Gagan said, made me think. Ever since becoming a mom, I feel closer to my mom more than ever. While feeding Dia, burping her, rocking her to sleep, bathing her, I wonder, “Did mom do this with me”, “What did she feel when she became a mother”? Both Gagan and I are first borns and because of that we do share some personality traits. But what sucks is that we often forget how much we were loved to when we were little. I think it’s important to remember that to value the love and affection showered on us not only when we were little but also now, when we are older. For children never really grow old for parents. do they? I understand why my mom lights up when I call. Or even now when I visit, she wants to make all my favorite foods.

That is LOVE and we are so grateful that we have it.

Back to Dia, as I mentioned, we have been busy.

We had Babaji (father’s father), Dadima (father’s mother) and Badi Dadima (father’s grandmother) visit, which was a lot of fun.

We had the mundan ceremony in which the grandfather shaves off baby’s hair. We save that hair to offer to the deity later. It was a lot of hair!

With Grandpa after the Mundan

Leslie came to stay with us for a few days and lets just say, I kinda lost my voice after she left. I don’t think we stopped talking for even a minute! She was the perfect “Mausi” to Dia. And the cool thing was that Dia got along just fine with her. But then, she is Leslie Mausi.

Among other things Dia attended Daddy’s graduation

Went on her first family vacation.

Had many visitors and was the center of attention (still is) while they were here.

We got her a pool. She loved it!

We even made some gifts for Daddy on his first Father’s Day!

We also went to Boston for a nice luncheon with the ladies and made new friends.

What’s really thrilling for me is that she loves to spend time in my studio while I sew. She loves the whir of a sewing machine and the brightly colored walls, the texture of fabric and loves hanging out with me there. I can’t believe I am actually sewing!

I love this photo!

We’ve had 3 rounds of immunizations and I must say she is a very brave girl. She is sitting up on her own now and is almost about to crawl. There is really no point in working when she is around so I don’t even try. Have I said this before? I love being a MOM! For me it’s the greatest feeling in the whole world. I know she is going to grow up and do her own things sooner than I realise but for now, we love hanging out!

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One thought on “It must be nice to be loved this much

  1. Oma-C on said:

    What a doll face! I especially love the grad photo and that last one! Your love for each other is so evident!

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