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Somebody loves oatmeal

A couple of days before she turns 4 months, I decided to give infant oatmeal to Dia. She has been watching me eat pretty intently and today seemed like a good day so I gingerly touched a tiny spoon of oatmeal cereal to her lips and to my delight, she loved it. She squealed and started flinging her arms and legs for more. I was alone at home but wished somehow I could capture it on video. So I gave her more and a little bit more. She drooled out some but mostly liked it. I cannot express the joy it gave me to be able to feed her. My baby is growing up. She can eat now! It’s awesome.

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3 thoughts on “Somebody loves oatmeal

  1. leslie on said:

    What a milestone! Here’s to a lifetime of healthy eating!

  2. Oma-C on said:

    Such a beauty! Such a gorgeous head of hair! Every milestone will be so exciting and cherished Deepika!

  3. Sherril Miller on said:

    I love the look of joy on her messy little face.

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