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Somebody loves oatmeal

A couple of days before she turns 4 months, I decided to give infant oatmeal to Dia. She has been watching me eat pretty intently and today seemed like a good day so I gingerly touched a tiny spoon of oatmeal cereal to her lips and to my delight, she loved it. She squealed and started flinging her arms and legs for more. I was alone at home but wished somehow I could capture it on video. So I gave her more and a little bit more. She drooled out some but mostly liked it. I cannot express the joy it gave me to be able to feed her. My baby is growing up. She can eat now! It’s awesome.

Getting Measured

I SEW. I really do and I love it most days. I can give you a thousand excuses as to why I haven’t sewn for her but the truth is that I just haven’t felt it yet. That’s until last night when I was on a date with my friend Emily. A few whirs on the machine and I was back in the game. Of course it helped that Dia was hanging out in the room with us. It was a good evening. I was feeling more like myself again. Most of you know that I am single moming it on the weekdays while Gagan is at school. So there you go, another excuse for not sewing. But it’s just that, an excuse. If you truly love to do something, you will make time for it. So today I decided to measure the princess…. Yes, that’s what she was today. Check it out for yourself.

Is that enough PINK for you 🙂

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