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Gifts from the heart

In today’s world of iPads, iPhone, eBooks, e-Cards , evites and many others Es and Is there are a special few who still take the time to make things with their hands. And this post is to acknowledge, appreciate and honor their effort. Additionally I want my daughter to grow up appreciating art of all kinds and for her to realize how lucky she is to have so many  people who have welcomed her with open arms and with open hearts. So lets begin shall we?

#1 Knitted Vest by Badi Dadima (Father’s grandmother) #2 Beaded Bracelet by Dadima ( Father’s Mother )
#3 Crocheted Jacket made by Aditi  Chachi (Father’s Brother’s Wife)


#4 PhotoBook by Amisha Chachi ( Father’s brother’s wife)

#5 Heirloom Quilt by Leslie Mausi ( Mom’s Friend/sister )

#6 Custom Mirror by Aunty Noelle

#7 Diaper Bag and Flannel Blankets by Aunty Sharon

#8 Knitted Hat by Aunty Jennifer
#9 Knitted Jacket by Aunty Tini


A special gift is worth mentioning here This is Dia’s FIRST gift. When she was only 20 weeks!!!!

By Aunt Emily


Until Dia can thank you herself, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the lovely gifts. She is enjoying each and every one of your gifts.

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2 thoughts on “Gifts from the heart

  1. These are really awesome gifts. I’m sure Dia will grow up appreciating all the crafty things since you are so crafty yourself! I hope, that E. & M. will do some kind of Art or Craft in their life too!

  2. leslie on said:

    So many beautiful gifts. This child is lucky to be surrounded by such loving and talented Aunties. No doubt she will develop those qualities as well. (I’m already planning her summer sewing vacations at Leslie Mausi’s house.)

    I can’t begin to tell you the pleasure it gave me to sew my Iri-Dia that quilt and how happy I am that she even exists to sew for!!

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