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I am not going to feel guilty!

It’s 70 degrees outside – our first REAL spring day! But what makes it even more enjoyable are audible laughs and sounds from Dia! She is totally trying to talk and responds when we talk to her. At a little less than 3 months, she is holding her head up and is quite a kicker! She is still sleeping through the night and is as energetic as ever in the mornings. So today when in the afternoon she was in a playful mood and when I turned to look at her, this is what I saw! I’d been feeling guilty all morning not being able to work today and at that very moment, I decided not to.  This is mama’s time with her daughter and if she wants me, she is going to get my full attention. So we’re just hanging out at home today not feeling guilty and just being mother and daughter, laughing, playing and telling stories. It’s hard to imagine what my life was before Dia was in it.  This summer is going to be like no other!

We don't want to work. Lets go home!

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