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The year at a glance


Jalie 2909 I wore these pants a lot when I first made them but now I am not in love with the fabric. Its too polyestery for me and truth be told the waist is too tight. It barely fits me! I went a little overboard in interfacing the waistband. It has no give! A quick to sew basic pants pattern which I plan to make many more of.


BurdaStyle 12-2009-122 When I sewed this skirt, it was mainly to practice topstitching on denim before I made the jeans. This however became the most worn piece of clothing in my closet. I wore it to two PR Weekends, two vacations and wore it to work all summer long. It’s starting to look a little ignored now that it’s winter. Very comfortable and stylish. I got a lot of compliments on it.

Jalie 2909 – Jeans In the photo it looks like I am pulling up the jeans but it’s hardly the case. Almost a year later these are the most worn jeans in my wardrobe. I love em. If you haven’t tried this pattern you need to.

BurdaStyle 02-2010-104 The skirt looks sharp but because its sort of limited to be worn with purple and this being the only purple top I have, I didnt wear it that much. I do like the fit of the skirt.

Jalie 2921 After this top I fell in love with the color purple. I wore this so much that its starting to pill!


Sew Liberated Emmeline Apron We went to see a 50s apron exhibit at the Textile Museum in Lowell and this apron was made for that. Supposed to be a simple project but it took me over  6 hours! The reversible concept is nice in theory but it made the apron very bulky which is why it doesnt get used much in my kitchen. Pretty though!


New Look 6895 Oh gosh! This is another one of those tops which got worn so much over the summer that everyone must be wondering, is that all she has? Love the fabric and the style on me. And above all it is very roomy and comfortable.


— No Sewing Done —


Burda 8558 Morphed with Textile Studio Madison Avenue Dress It looks pretty but somehow I feel it also looks incomplete. I didn’t wear it much because I kept searching for a belt to go with it. Any ideas?


BurdaStyle 07-2008-108 Meh… Not my favorite top. Uncomfortable and weird on me.


— No Sewing Done —


— No Sewing Done —


Burda 8558 My first time sewing on sequin fabric. Never again! But I do love this top. I still haven’t worn it. I just keep admiring it in my closet 🙂


— No Sewing Done —


— No Sewing Done —

Before I started this post I was feeling guilty of not sewing enough last year and especially since I’ve been reading everyone’s blogs and how much cool stuff you guys made, but in the process of writing this post and collecting the photos of my work in the past year I realized, I loved whatever I sewed and it got used so mission accomplished. I will not set any major goals for myself this year and just sew when I want to and somehow I know,  I’ll end up with something I’ll love. And so,  I’ll leave you with this happy thought and wish you a very happy new sewing year!

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3 thoughts on “The year at a glance

  1. Love that denim skirt and the jeans! The madison dress looks great as it is and I think a belt might not be a good choice. IF you must have a belt a red or a purple one would be my first pick!

  2. So where’s the updated pics of Dia?

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