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… and the fun begins!

For most people this is a new beginning.

For us,  it’s a lot more than that. It also signifies the end of a 9 year struggle towards parenthood, difficult decisions, sleepless nights AND days, self reflection, research and DOCTORS. All that ends on February 15th when we will be PARENTS! Of course this journey brought a lot of good too. I like to think that we learnt a quite a few lessons in humility, empathy and patience but not only that, we also experienced kindness, love and support when we werent expecting. We made some friends who will last a lifetime and shared some of our stories with friends who were riding the same boat as us. But most importantly, it made us believe, yet again in MIRACLES!

We won’t talk about instances where we’d rather just hide ourselves in the closet instead of answering some difficult questions but that’s just part of the whole journey so it needs to be mentioned 🙂

Even though my mom would say I am writing this blog prematurely, I beg to differ. I am taking my friend’s advice instead who encouraged me to feel and express myself and let myself be HAPPY! I am going to be a MOM! And I cannot WAIT! And neither can DAD 🙂 who didn’t even flinch when it took me over an hour to come up with a paint color for the Little One’s room. Hours of homework ahead but somehow he decided to paint instead. And check it out. He did an awesome job. I was just doing the easy stuff, like peeling the masking tape.

Problem with painting one thing is that others start to look gross. So off I went to buy a can of white paint for the door and trims. And now it’s really bright.

We know that the road ahead is not going to be easy but c’mon we’ve waited for this day for 9 years so bring it on!

The room is ready! Even though the baby won’t have anything to wear (YET), they will have a place to stay 🙂 So since I was feeling guilty about not sewing anything for LO, I took the easy way out. I bought a pack of onesies and ironed on these cute designs. And now our LO has designer onesies!!!!

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