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Sequin Top Progress

I am sewing again! Baby steps though. Thanks for all the advice on sewing with sequin fabric. I think for this round, I am just “winging it” and see what happens when you do that. The pattern – Burda 8558 was a good choice in theory. Because see what’s happening with the cowl here. Too POOFY!


Solution? To take that poofiness away somehow. Lucky for me, it was movie night last night with Emily who suggested putting tiny tucks in. BRILLIANT!

So this morning, I brought the top with me to work and my good friend Donna helped me out. While I stood there patiently wearing the top, she measured, marked and basted the tucks in. Aren’t I lucky to have such good friends around?

And after 45 minutes of patient hand sewing, what do we have here!

After: Nice and Flat

I still have to hand sew the hem in place and add lingerie guards so the top remains on my shoulders, but I am sure pleased with how this turned out. I guess now I can use this pattern for sewing more tops with tucks! Same pattern, another look, how cool is that!

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9 thoughts on “Sequin Top Progress

  1. donnamel on said:

    Love your top! I was happy to help! Now its time for a date with your hubby to show it off.

  2. You should be pleased, it’s beautiful!! Nice work.

  3. What a difference. It looks great!

  4. It looks great! Perfect for an evening out!

  5. Looks fabulous, Deepika!

  6. Love it! You look great. The blouse looks wonderful.

  7. Claire Ciarciello on said:

    The top is beautiful and it looks wonderful on you.

  8. Love your top! Fabulous.

  9. Cute top! I love the print.

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