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SAD Its that time of the year again…

When the days are starting to get shorter and winter starts to set in. Among the many other things winter brings with it, for me, one of the things I struggle with every year is SAD ( seasonal affective disorder).  And no amount of lighting works for me and over the years I’ve realized the only thing which works for me is keeping myself super busy and not watching TV. So I started my “treatment” yesterday with changing the theme of the blog and today I am going to SEW!

I went out with Emily last night and confessed to her about SAD and just talking to her made me feel so much better. She reminded me that I needed to write more as well so I am going to make more of an effort to update the blog.

What about you? Do you have SAD? If so, how do you get out of it?

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16 thoughts on “SAD Its that time of the year again…

  1. Love the new theme!! For me, fall and the farm work involved, combined with the shorter days slows me down creatively. I hate having to push myself, but push I will.

  2. Lynnelle on said:

    Yes, though I never knew what to call it. Fall is my least favourite season because it leads to less daylight and cold weather. I am not a fan of the commercialized holiday seasons either.

  3. oooh, sorry to hear that. I’m struggling with ppd now 😦 so I’m not affected by SAD having antidepressants. I hope, you will be well soon. Actually I’m enjoying fall somewhat with beeing able to knit winter stuff

  4. Hi Deepika,

    When I moved from a tropical climate to Australia, which has much milder winters than you would in MA, I found the first few years really hard too, because of SAD. I suspect some of it might be that coming from India, you are used to the fairly even amount of sunlight year round, and getting used to having really short days/ long nights in winter take a lot of getting used to, maybe it has to do with your own circadian rhythm; it would not be a recognised term, if not.

    I know of an Asian, who moved to Sweden for love, and the first few years found it really hard because of SAD, for the same reason.

    I don’t really have any fixes, but I think you make some great points – keep busy, and avoid downers…hopefully over time you’ll get used to it, though I suspect you will probably never really like it:-) I quite like the mild winters in Australia now, but still find it unsettling that it is pitch dark in winter by 5 pm everyday.

  5. I do suffer from SAD. This week, I had to admit to myself Summer is truly over! I got upset because I had to put blankets back on my bed and turn the heat on. I go ballistic when Daylight Savings Time ends. Keeping busy does help to an extent.

  6. Claire Ciarciello on said:

    I too suffer from SAD. I have a big 10,000 candle lightbox that really helps, although I have not used it for the past couple of years because the light should be used in the middle of the day and I was at work.

    I have also found that a good dose of natural sunlight during the day works wonders too. I had one winter where we worked in a building where the sun poured in all day long. That was the 1st winter my SAD was greatly diminished.

    I will be using my lightbox this year since I’m not working this winter.

  7. Pamela on said:

    When we moved from Southern California to Wisconsin I was totally unprepared for winter light — or the lack of it, more specifically. I plunged into depression four months of the year and didn’t know what was wrong with me. A psychiatrist (consulted after I had suffered for eight years) diagnosed SAD and put me on a low dose (100 mg./day) of Bupropion (generic name), telling me that a major study had shown it to be particularly effective with SAD sufferers. It was like a veil had been snatched away, Deepika!

  8. Pamela on said:

    I take one pill every day during the winter until February. February light begins to perk me up.

  9. Dee, meds definitely help this condition!! You live in an area that has fabulous psychiatrists. You really should consult one. It’s kind of silly to suffer when there is treatment available. You could also come spend the winter here in Souther CA! The closer you get to the equator, the less problems you will have in the winter.

  10. Deepika
    Love the new look of the blog!
    I don’t suffer with SAD (well, not more than usual, I think, I get more tired and eat more, but that’s it), but Dennis has it bad. He has tried medication, but it didn’t really work for him. The Natural Light thingy is helping, but what really does make a huge difference is going away – only for a week – to places with summer weather. Last year we went to the Canary Islands during Christmas, this year Dennis is going to a conference in Florida for 5 days.
    ~ Maria

  11. Deepika, Vitamin D drops for SAD helps a L.O.T!!! I usually take a drop a day but 4 drops in winter! This along with fish oil helps.

  12. Deepika on said:

    Kay, thanks. That’s seems harmless enough to try out. I also called up my doc btw but she is out of town.

  13. Ditto on the vitamin D! You should have your vitamin D level checked if you live in the northern half of the united states even if you don’t suffer from SAD. Bringing you level back to normal levels can really lift the fog. I live in Oregon and was found to be deficient a couple of years ago and began taking a dose prescribed by my primary care doc and I was really shocked at what a difference it made.

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