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So even though I love glittery, sparkly stuff, I’ve never actually sewn with it. Until now. At the Novi show following my ONE Piece only goal, I bought this beautiful sequin fabric for only $14!!! (it was $44/yard originally but this was a remnant).

Testing with serger and on the sewing machine revealed this will be better sewn on the good ol s/m. I did have to reduce the tension a bit. I picked my tried and tested Burda 8558. Worked just fine. The top is almost done… except…

1. I have no idea how to do the hem. The weave is too loose. I basted it for now.

2. I don’t know how to tame this fold.  It’s too poofy! I can’t iron on it obviously. Any ideas?

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6 thoughts on “Bling Bling!

  1. So blingy, but I’ve been thinking of these kind of sequined fabrics lately. They are totally on trend.

    I also love your bloge theme! If you tell me you did it yourself I’m going to have to fall out 😀

  2. What about making a facing out of some matching fabric and then understitching the lining?

  3. The fabric does look beautiful.
    I have never sewn with sequin fabric, so I look forward to seeing what the solution is 🙂

  4. Found some info on Emma One Sock that may be very helpful 🙂

  5. You could just leave the hem unfinished. Or you could serger it and not turn it under. I’ve done that on these types of fabrics before. Works fine.

  6. You could try removing the sequins on the bottom for about a quarter inch and face the hem- that should hopefully give you a nice flat result.

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