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Sequin Top Progress

I am sewing again! Baby steps though. Thanks for all the advice on sewing with sequin fabric. I think for this round, I am just “winging it” and see what happens when you do that. The pattern – Burda 8558 was a good choice in theory. Because see what’s happening with the cowl here. Too POOFY!


Solution? To take that poofiness away somehow. Lucky for me, it was movie night last night with Emily who suggested putting tiny tucks in. BRILLIANT!

So this morning, I brought the top with me to work and my good friend Donna helped me out. While I stood there patiently wearing the top, she measured, marked and basted the tucks in. Aren’t I lucky to have such good friends around?

And after 45 minutes of patient hand sewing, what do we have here!

After: Nice and Flat

I still have to hand sew the hem in place and add lingerie guards so the top remains on my shoulders, but I am sure pleased with how this turned out. I guess now I can use this pattern for sewing more tops with tucks! Same pattern, another look, how cool is that!

Bling Bling!

S.A.D. you’re not the boss of me!


So even though I love glittery, sparkly stuff, I’ve never actually sewn with it. Until now. At the Novi show following my ONE Piece only goal, I bought this beautiful sequin fabric for only $14!!! (it was $44/yard originally but this was a remnant).

Testing with serger and on the sewing machine revealed this will be better sewn on the good ol s/m. I did have to reduce the tension a bit. I picked my tried and tested Burda 8558. Worked just fine. The top is almost done… except…

1. I have no idea how to do the hem. The weave is too loose. I basted it for now.

2. I don’t know how to tame this fold.  It’s too poofy! I can’t iron on it obviously. Any ideas?

SAD Its that time of the year again…

When the days are starting to get shorter and winter starts to set in. Among the many other things winter brings with it, for me, one of the things I struggle with every year is SAD ( seasonal affective disorder).  And no amount of lighting works for me and over the years I’ve realized the only thing which works for me is keeping myself super busy and not watching TV. So I started my “treatment” yesterday with changing the theme of the blog and today I am going to SEW!

I went out with Emily last night and confessed to her about SAD and just talking to her made me feel so much better. She reminded me that I needed to write more as well so I am going to make more of an effort to update the blog.

What about you? Do you have SAD? If so, how do you get out of it?

Boston – North End – A taste of Italy!

With an afternoon to spare on a perfect fall day in Cambridge we found ourselves in a fun neighborhood of Boston – North End. A couple of T-rides and we were in Haymarket – a tourist destination where we have been countless number of times. But today we ventured beyond the tourist attractions and behind the buildings to one of the most charming parts of Boston – also known as Little Italy! And on the way there we even spotted a HUGE farmer’s market where everything was $2! Now, the quality of produce was questionable but it was still amazing to see tents after tents of vendors.

Past the farmer’s market was a whole different world! The streets were narrow, the buildings mostly brick, the decor so charming, it took us back in time. Restaurants galore, most of them Italian, this place is food heaven! It was 4 in the afternoon and we saw lines forming outside some of the popular restaurants. What also amazed me was a mile long line outside Mike’s Pastry! Seriously, what does he put in those cannolies?

Besides the restaurants, I also spotted some nice boutiques where I obviously had to stop for quick snoop shopping 🙂 I spared Gagan the agony and made a mental note to go back there with a girlfriend.

Now Boston is the oldest city in the US and this being the oldest residential neighborhood, does this mean that this is the oldest neighborhood in the country? I’ll have to do some fact checking.

As we walked down the street, we spotted this cool coffee store which looked interesting so we went in.

Turns out they sell lot more than coffee. From their bulk bins, I bought french lentils for only $1.99/lb! I’ve seen them as high as $5.99. These will be awesome for my lentil salad. I took a photo just so I’ll remember the name of this place. You have to check it out! People were buying all kinds of coffee beans here. It smelled heavenly in there and the owners were such happy people.

Out on the main street there was this Pasta shop where you could buy all kinds of fresh pastas. Totally going back there!

We sampled some espresso gelato at a small italian cafe and finally escaped the hustle and bustle of the restaurant row to this quiet cafe on the next street over. A small cup of cappuccino was the perfect ending to a perfect day with Gagan.

If you are in the neighborhood or visiting Boston, North end is not to be missed! Most restaurants here require reservations so plan ahead for dinner. I know I will!

T-Stop – Orange Line – Haymarket

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