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If you want your sewing mojo back…

Spend a weekend with a sewing friend…
Talk about sewing…
Ask to take a look at their projects…
If they are your size, ask to try on some of their stuff…
And then…
chances are if one of them fits you, it might come home with you. Like it did with me 🙂

read about it here

But more than that, I was so inspired by the stuff Karen made that the first thing I wanted to do when I got back home was to SEW! Now, I didn’t mention this before but we’re in the middle of home reconstruction. So there is only one room in the entire house which is usable and despite that, I cleared out my kitchen counter, traced the Burda pattern from the magazine and sewed this top.

I wish I had taken photos because it was quite comical actually. My little table top ironing board on top of the kitchen counter, the cutting mat on the floor, fabric everywhere, the sewing machine balancing on the little table. And yet, somehow I was able to to sew. What can I say? I wanted to SEW. I needed to do it. The top however is not as flattering on me as on so many others on PatternReview but I’ll still wear it. It’s linen, its comfortable and I am sewing again! This is also my July project for the One Garment a Month Sew Along.

Burda 07-2008-108

Thanks to Karen, not only am I sewing again, I have a list of a whole new set of patterns I want to try. So take my advice, hang out with a sewing friend and you’ll see it’ll do wonders for you.

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2 thoughts on “If you want your sewing mojo back…

  1. Deepika, I actually really like the lines of that top and I think it looks lovely on you! I’m glad you have your mojo back.

  2. Hi Deepika, that pattern is on my HUGE list of things to sew…. looks great on you!
    (I wish I could take your advise about a sewing friend but as I don’t have any local ones I have to make do with blogs.)

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