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Week #2 Cambridge – Christina’s Spice & Specialty Foods

This week I WAS a good wife! Last night I made gazpacho and it’s in the fridge ready to be had for dinner tonight. So, that leaves my evening free to explore!

It’s officially summer and it’s farmer’s market season among other things. So I was going to write about the Harvard Farmer’s Market today, except it sucked 😦 Hey, I didn’t say that everything I explore is going to work out. 12 tents with baked goods, honey, cheese and glass jewelry is not my idea of a farmer’s market. And I walked half hour for this! So you can imagine how disappointed I was. Apparently I forgot that we’re in New England, where fresh produce isn’t ready until July/Aug.

So as I was going back home (I took the bus this time), I spotted one of my favorite stores in Cambridge and requested to be dropped off at Inman Square.

If you love to cook with spices, you are going to be in heaven! I have never ever seen a collection of that many spices in a single place. I pride myself on knowledge of spices but I felt quite ignorant when I entered here. There were some of the things I had never even heard of!

And if you’re ever in need of Tabasco, well is this the place for you or what! Lifetime supply!

Not only can you find spices here, there are a variety of grains and seeds also. Eating healthy just got even more fun!

All the ingredients for a yummy granola are right here. Check out the variety of dried fruit.
dried fruit

For the bakers, they also have excellent quality cocoa and chocolate. And if you fancy making your own beer, they even have Hops!

The prices here aren’t cheap but if for the price of the spice you can make a gourmet meal at home and save yourself hours of work making your own spices, it’s worth it. Christina’s spice is also one of the locally owned independent businesses and I like to support them.

As for me, I got what I came here for. Berbere spice to make Ethiopian lentil stew. And as I type this, the lovely aroma of the lentils fills my little apartment. I did good!

Christina’s Spice
1255 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 576-2090

P.S. In the mood for some homemade ice cream? It’s right next door.

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One thought on “Week #2 Cambridge – Christina’s Spice & Specialty Foods

  1. Drsue on said:

    You would think the farmer’s marked would at least have sour cherries. I miss that here in CA. I used to make sour cherry pie in late June when I lived in NYC with farmer’s market sour cherries.

    The fact that I can’t get any here in CA has been a constant source of sadness for me. However, I do console myself with wonderful citrus fruit.

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