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Food or Art?

Emily and I went out for dinner last night and this post is to certify that I have officially become one of those annoying people who walk around taking photos of each and everything they find interesting. Yes, I have become a tourist in my own TOWN!

The photo in question?

Sweet Potato Fries or Sweet Potato Jenga

We ordered some sweet potato fries and this is what arrived on our table. Now, c’mon this is too pretty to eat. But wait, Emily pointed out, not only is this a treat for the eyes, it serves a very important function. It allows the air to circulate and keeps the fries crispy. Yep, every single one of them. Oh yeah, I am a Foodie and proud of it.

Dying to know the name of the restaurant? It’s Cast Iron Kitchen in Maynard, MA.  It’s a hidden gem! They had 4 vegetarian choices which made me very very happy! Or was it the wine. Oh well… we’ll never know.

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