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Belize Day 5 – Cave Tubing and our last day

I woke up with sore calves! I make a mental note to go to the gym more often. “yeah right!” the other half of my brain said. But seriously if there is one thing which is evident from this trip , it’s the fact that I need to get fit. 

Okay it’s our last day here but I try not to dwell on anything. I resist the temptation to check my email while enjoying a hot cup of java. I can read the daily digest though, so I read Kathy’s review of Jalie 2908. It’s wonderful. Ok, back to Belize. 

After a quick breakfast we head out. I’ll be quick in this post. We drive for slightly more than an hour to get to the entrance of the place where we go cave tubing. I notice that most of the places here you are required to go in with a guide because it can be dangerous. Today’s activity was very relaxing though. We hike a little bit to get to the cave entrance. In our hike we spot a poisonous snake!! Thankfully Louis (our guide) pointed out, the bark of a tree which acts as an antidote to the poison is right there. Gagan sampled some termites (yes I said termites). I forget how he described them… lemony with a hint of mint… Weird. Louis said they are a good source of protein. So good if you’re lost in a jungle I guess.

The cave entrance is mesmerising! We jump into our tubes and the adventure begins.

It’s a beautiful day here. Crystal clear skies, warm tropical breeze and the water – cool and refreshing. “butts up” louis (our guide) says to us whenever we approach a shallow area to avoid hitting the stones and rocks. Unless you want a natural massage of course. I tried it and boy, nothing relaxing about that massage. So I religiously followed his command 🙂 

As we paddle through the cave we see some more amazing rock formations. We even saw a waterfall in pitch dark. This is amazing. Simply amazing. I am hoping the pictures will come out ok. It’s super dark in here. 

After about an hour or so we are out of the cave still in the river under the clear skies surrounded by the lush palm trees. Soft rapids guide us sometimes and we paddle through the rest using our arms which are sure to hurt tomorrow. 

The sun is a welcome change here as we are completely soaked here too. So we let ourselves just float and enjoy the warmth. This was really relaxing. 

I got stuck in one spot and was saved by my couragiuos husband 🙂 so no worries there. 

We were floating under the sun for about half an hour or so and it was really really fun. 

This is day five and one thing which comes across here. People are HAPPY!  I didn’t hear a single person complain, or be rude to us. Even on the streets. That’s pretty darn cool I’d say. There is not a single American fast food chain here. “you’re missing out” Gagan teased Wilburt. To which he said “my friend, there is nothing like going to the backyard and plucking a fresh juicy orange for breakfast !” We were speechless. 

Almost everyone here has atleast one fruit tree in their yard. We even stole a couple oranges on our way back from cave tubing. And he was right. They were delicious! 

Today is our last day here but I am not sad. I am happy! I am content and if there is one thing I learned from the land of never ending spring it’s this, SMILE!  

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3 thoughts on “Belize Day 5 – Cave Tubing and our last day

  1. Sherril on said:

    Deepika, I'm so glad your vacation was so relaxing. You work very hard, so you deserve it.

  2. Ann's Fashion Studio on said:

    Cave tubing does sound exciting and relaxing. I hope the pictures do turn out so we can see how amazing this was 🙂

  3. Dear Deepika,You are simply GREAT. I am proud of you.Papa

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