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Belize Day 2 – Xunantunich

Day 2 – Xunantunich

I am writing this sitting on top of an old Mayan temple 130 feet above the plains. The breeze up here is amazing  we are looking at a 360 view of the city. 

It’s a structure made out of stone makes me wonder how did they do it without the modern equipment. If I close my eyes I can try to imagine what this place must be like thousands of years ago inhabited by the Mayan.

See the carving on the side of the temple? They believed that the Sun turns into a Jaguar every night to fight with the demons in the underworld and in the morning it comes up from the underworld and goes to the heavens in the form of the Sun. The carvings on each side of the temple have figures to welcome the Sun. They are different on each side depending on the direction.

There are some interesting (not) conversations I hear from the fellow tourists but Gagan and I try to close our eyes and enjoy the serenity. Sometimes it’s best to just enjoy each others company while not saying a word. 

I must also mention that this is my birthday and our 11th anniversary celebration and being here right this moment I couldn’t be happier!

We Get a little hungry so we ask our taxi driver Jose for recommendations. We’re vegetarian so not a lot of options here. He took us to this really cute little open air type restaurant where we enjoyed rice beans with a side of potato salad and some corn tortillas topped with beans, veggies and a little cheese. Okay so I’ll be honest here. I was a little unsatisfied. The food was cooked in coconut oil which is not my favorite. But I treated myself to some ice cream which was delicioso! 

Back at our hotel we went for a walk in their organic vegetable garden which is what most of their produce comes from. Talk about being one with nature! Made me want to go back and start my own veggie garden. No wonder all the food we’re having here at the hotel is just out of this world. You can tell I am a foodie can’t you?

We spot some pretty yellow flowers on the way to the garden and i just couldn’t resist. I tucked it behind my ear. “it looks like you have three ears” Gagan said.

And minutes after that he started jumping strangely. Apparently he’d been bitten by a thousand ants. “serves you right!” I said. After enjoying a good laugh, I helped him shake off those tiny buggers from his sandals. 

I can’t remember when was the last time I was this relaxed. Can you tell from the posts?    

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6 thoughts on “Belize Day 2 – Xunantunich

  1. redhotpepper on said:

    Happy birthday and anniversary! I've been to Belize and it is beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your trip.Annie

  2. Ann's Fashion Studio on said:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!Sounds and looks like an awesome place.

  3. You look stylish AND relaxed! Glad you guys are having such a good time. Thanks for sharing the trip with your fans! And happy birthday and anniversary. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday and a Blessed Anniversary. Thanks for taking the time to share your time with us. You both look so happy and relaxed. Blessings, Janet (JKW)

  5. Anonymous on said:

    Thanks for sharing your blog. We are going to Belize in May for the 1st time.Where are you staying in San Ignacio. We plan on being there for a few days.My wife is vegetarian too…any helpful hints for her on where to eat ?Thanks,Paul

  6. Deepika on said:

    Paul, email me at and I'd be happy to recommend some places for you and your wife to eat. I tried to reply but it said anonymous.

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