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Belize Day 2 – Market

Day 2 – Market

Every Saturday morning there is a huge farmers market and people go there really early to get the best of the produce. Even though we weren’t there at the crack of dawn we still got plenty to see and sample. 

This was primarily a fruit and veggie market but you could find some crazy stuff here. Underwear, plastic cups and plates, radios, clothes, even jewelry to name a few. 

I gave in to temptation and bought these coconut shell earrings. Can’t go wrong for a couple bucks right?  

Oh and we did wine tasting here too! This is not your fancy shmancy winery. Since the climate is too mild for grapes, Belizians make their wine from local fruits, equally delicious. We sampled Ginger wine, cariboo wine. And in just two sips it got to my head. I am not kidding! We bought some tomato jelly from the wine lady.

At our hotel we had heard about cashew wine made from the cashew fruit. Apparently it has an effect the day after, especially if you under the sun. We did get some but I was too chicken to try. We have a very active day planned tomorrow, cave hiking and all so didn’t want to take  a chance. 

We talked to a lot of locals walking around, in our taxi and our hotel. That’s a great tip actually. If you want to see the real country, talk to the locals and share a meal with them. You’ll learn a lot more from them that any lonely planet guide book ( no offense). And you’ll be able to find inexpensive places to eat and shop too.

We bought some guavas, tamarind (super sour) and a few other snacks from the market. 

Next up Xunantunich – Archaeologists believe it was an old Mayan city. 

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One thought on “Belize Day 2 – Market

  1. cidell on said:

    I love, love, love your travel posts. Nothing is more fun to me than going to the markets when I travel. The pictures are wonderful!

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