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A funny one!

My camera fell into water yesterday. I am hoping it'll be ok. But it
may not đŸ˜¦ got any ideas for me on how to save it? I did take the
memory card and battery right away.

I've decided that I want to wait until I come back to write about the
days in Belize because my photos will sometimes tell a story and right
now half of them are in the iPhone and other half in the camera. But
here's something I just couldn't resist. This was when we were
strolling through the hotel's vegetable garden.

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3 thoughts on “A funny one!

  1. cidell on said:

    This weekend someone told me to put my dropped cell phone in rice. Dried it out and worked like a charm.

  2. sewcrazy on said:

    Don't turn it on until it is dry. Cidell's comment on rice is a good one – it absorbs moisture out of salt, so I'm sure it would work well for your camera. Just be sure to let it dry all the way before you try to turn it on…

  3. Anonymous on said:

    I have done the cell phone in rice thing to dry mine out and it worked great. I put it in a bowl of rice (uncooked, of course) for about a day and half. Cell phone worked great when I took it out.Mermie

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