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Belize day 2 – morning

Day 2 – morning

A big part of travel for us is exploring the local culture and foods.
And when I get back home I try to recreate them in my kitchen.

So today we are going into the town of San Ignacio where there is a
huge farmers market. Language is not a problem here because everyone
speaks English with a little bit of a Creole dialect. On our way to the
Hotel yesterday we were lucky to have Wilburt as our driver. He is
actually a tour guide and was filling in for someone else. He educated
us and we were fascinated by it all! I even practiced a few sentences
of Spanish with him.

I noticed most if the houses here are raised above the ground level.

It's because they get more than 120 inches of rainfall a year. It's to
keep the water and the bugs away!

Speaking of land, there is so much of it. Wilburt told us that 45% of
the country is a reserve. Nothing can be built on it. When they turn
18 each belizian gets their own piece of land free from the government
to build their house on. How nice is that.

We stopped at a little cafe yesterday to have some light lunch of
arroz con freole.

These signs cracked me up!

So of course I had to get my picture taken here šŸ™‚

Wilburt on left and Gagan on right.

More on the market later.

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2 thoughts on “Belize day 2 – morning

  1. Ann's Fashion Studio on said:

    WOW that would be extremely nice to get a piece of land at such a young age. Look forward to seeing more pictures.

  2. Jnz Altered Art on said:

    So cool I wrote a blog about Belize! as well!

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