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We made it to Belize!

Belize day 1

Well guys we made it to Belize! Yup, I am writing this sitting on the porch surrounded by bougenvilias, lush green trees and a beautiful view of the pool where a pet iguana soaks up the warm belizian sun. The only subtle sounds I hear are the birds chirpIng and if I listen closely a waterfall hidden in the woods. Get the picture?

You know before boarding the plane I had serious concerns if I’ll be able to tear myself away from work and shut my mind off for a few days. Of course the minute I saw the palm trees and felt the warm tropical breeze on my face, work was the last thing on my mind. There is a reason people come here to relax!

We are in the land of “Never ending spring” Belize!

And right now I feel grateful to be able to experience this all.

I plan to blog daily although I am not sure if I’ll be able to post daily but we’ll see. I’ll try my best to take you with me to all the wonderful adventures here, so stay tuned.

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4 thoughts on “We made it to Belize!

  1. Sew4Fun on said:

    It sounds magical! Enjoy and relax!

  2. Christina on said:

    Glad to hear you made it there (finally!) – have a wonderful time!

  3. Ann's Fashion Studio on said:

    Lucky you…It sounds so peaceful. I hope you share some pictures 🙂

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