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I don’t believe it! Delta did it to us again!

What am I doing here still blogging? Well folks Delta did it to us again! If you don’t remember our costa rica adventure, you can read about it here or not…

Last night as we were packing, Gagan logged in to Delta to check in online and guess what we find out. The flight has been canceled! That’s it. No email no phone, they just canceled it. How can you treat people like this? I understand it’s a tough business to be in but can you imagine people who didn’t log in to their accounts, packed their bags and drove to the airport, paid a ridiculous sum for parking only to find out that the flight has been canceled. Yes, I do, because that’s what happened to us last time.

They booked us on a flight reaching Belize on 15th and coming back on the 16th! NICE! I understand the systems are automatic but can’t they build any common sense into their programs that for a person going on a 4 day vacation going for one day does not make sense?

And guess what? The resort we were staying at has a “NO CANCELLATION” policy. Which means we lose the money!

And of course none of their phone lines were working. I won’t go into the details of last night because it’s just going to make me mad again.

After being on phone with Delta and the Hotel we finally managed to cancel our trip for February and re-book it for March. So it worked out (or so I hope!) in the end. It was sort of a relief because I’ve been so sick the last few days, I am thankful to be home and get better.

All’s well that ends well I guess. I’ve decided that today I need to treat myself with a pair of fire red patent leather shoes to go with my New Jeans! Got any ideas for me?

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5 thoughts on “I don’t believe it! Delta did it to us again!

  1. I'm glad you were able to reschedule your vacation. It stinks to have been ready to go on vacation and then not go but since you weren't feeling well maybe this is a good thing. You definitely deserve a shoe-treat!Delta canceled and rebooked a flight for us as well, it wasn't quite so ridiculous but it still wasn't very good. We're going to Miami in 2 weeks on a cruise and I had booked the tickets way back in July. Since that time they canceled our outbound flight and put us on a 2-stop. They did let us know through email but I did not want this new flight – 3 separate planes to get to Miami and the first stop was in Salt Lake (potential snow delay!). Too much possibility for delay and for our bags not making it to the ship. I called and was able to get rebooked on 1-stop flights. We leave from a different airport that is farther away but at least there's not stop in Salt Lake. We do fly through Atlanta, so I hope the crazy weather they have will be over by then.

  2. I think that Delta laid off their customer service people. That's a terrible thing to have happen. At the same time, I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I bet your March vacation will be wonderful and, besides, now you have a reason for new shoes. Those jeans just cry for red patent leather!

  3. Sew4Fun on said:

    Fab jeans! Talk about flattering. The hostie's on your Delta flight obviously read you blog too and decided they didn't want any competition. 😉 Glad you were able to re-book. Get better soon.

  4. oooh nooo….Maybe not flying delta in the future?And you must be freezing outside with the jeans and t-shirt while there still is snow!

  5. Lori, that is too bad! Flying and taking a vacation now has become a chore hasn't it?Tini, it was nice and sunny outside so I decided to remove my jacket when taking these photos. Of course Gagan thinks that's when I caught the cold 🙂

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