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Belize and a parting salad recipe…

Tomorrow morning, really early (3 AM) we’re off to a 4 day vacation to Belize. Jealous? Don’t be… I’ve been home sick for the last two days with a terrible cold and backache. I am feeling a lot better today so hopefully by tomorrow it’ll be all ok but it sure does dampen the spirits. I was going to do some vacation sewing, but I’ve been lying in bed all day today. In a few minutes, I have to get up and start packing but I thought I’d part with a quick moong daal salad recipe.

Sherril, I know you like to try different things so this one’s for you. Anyway, I grew up eating this for breakfast but now we make it for dinner or a light lunch.

You obviously have to sprout moong daal for this yourself. Don’t be intimidated by the sprouting process. You don’t need a lot of tools. You just need to plan ahead. This is so nutrious and delicious you’re gonna want to make it again and again. Let’s start with the basics.

Moong Beans or Daal. This is what it looks like. You can get these at any Indian grocery store or a chinese market.

Now the sprouter. This is what I use. A quart size mason jar. Take out the metal lid and cut a small circle from plastic canvas and stick it in and voila you have your very own sprouter! I can’t take credit for this idea. I read it somewhere online.

Closeup of the Lid.

Simply put your dried moon beans in the jar, soak and sprout. have really great instructions on how to do it. They also have lids and beans.

Once you have your sprouts ready here’s how I make my salad.

Chop one small onion, one red or green pepper.
I like to add Paneer to my salad to make it a little more substantial. If you don’t like paneer you can add a boiled potato cubed or feta cheese in the end.

Heat some oil, when it’s hot, add some cumin seeds, add your onions and if using cubed paneer or potato. Add salt and cook for 5 minutes. Add your sprouts, red pepper put a lid on and let them steam for 5 minutes.

Squeeze out juice of a lemon and add at end. Garnish with cilantro or parsley. I also like to add jalapenos or green chillies but add them only if you like your food spicy! Oh and I also add turmeric but you don’t have to if you don’t have any. It’s good antioxidants!

Enjoy! Really good and good for you.

I’m taking my netbook with me but I doubt if I’ll have time to blog there. I may write about it so I won’t forget when I come back. And hopefully my corduroy and velvet will be here from FFC when I get back so I can get cracking on more jeans!

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3 thoughts on “Belize and a parting salad recipe…

  1. I spent seven weeks in Guatalamala and Belize in 1995. What out for the little pesty jellyfish around the quays and crime rates in Belize city were high. Otherwise it was pretty heavenly. The Belizian coral reef is the second biggest in the world after our own Great Barrier Reef.

  2. Ohh, I'm going to try your sprouted moong dahl recipe. Sounds and looks yummy!

  3. alethia on said:

    Have a wonderful time. Be careful and be safe. Don't forget to take pictures. Fabric hunting?

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