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Quick Photos of my Jeans

Ok you guys, this is how much I love you! I dropped everything and took some quick photos to show you the fit of the jeans. There are a few things I would like to change. For example, see how you can see the zipper pull from the front? It’s because a) they are pretty snug and b) there is not enough fabric covering the fly. Now, this is something I’d like to figure out how to change. Any ideas?

The flare is pretty substantial because I added an inch in length at the bottom because I wanted even more flare. But the photos don’t really show it. All in all, I LOVE THEM! And you know you did something right when a bunch of teenagers agree. I was modeling these to my friends here at the studio who run drawing and painting classes. The girls there exclaimed “YOU MADE THESE!”. They kept looking at it. Isn’t that the best compliment ever. I am so proud!

You know, I am going to try to control my emotions when I finally write the review tomorrow but I am noticing that as compared to the quick and easy projects I used to enjoy sewing before, I am loving the details in my last few projects. I sew only on the weekends, which gives me a chance to get away from PatternReview work and enjoy the reason why I started PatternReview in the first place.

My plan was to sew a little bit all week long but as I started working on these on Saturday, I just couldn’t stop. Who needs to eat, right?

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5 thoughts on “Quick Photos of my Jeans

  1. I wish I had a machine that could handle top stitching through layers of denim. Even with a cordonay jeans needle it baulks. Amazing job.

  2. Don't ya' love that Jalie pattern? You did a great job of sewing and the fit looks great, too. Of course, you're proud! It looks to me like you need a bit more length in the waist band. Bringing that button over probably will help the "zipper stop" showing. I'm going to check Trudy's tutorial since I have a similar problem. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Alexandra Morgan on said:

    You need to “offset” the zipper to keep it hidden. I am not familiar with the pattern you are using but the right front pant pattern should have an extension that goes beyond the CF line. Essentially, the zipper should be offset from CF by about 3/8″. The left front pant pattern remains as is so that when the left front overlaps the right front the zipper sits inside the fly area not at CF.

  4. Alexandra Morgan on said:

    Oh, BTW, the fit looks really great!

  5. Other than that little bit of pull at the zipper, these look AMAZING! And the fit is spot on!

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