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Never say never! I made my own JEANS!

Ok so last year I declared confidently “I will never ever sew jeans”. Well, whaddaya know. Three months later, I sewed ’em!

In my defense, I don’t wear jeans that often but that doesn’t stop me from buying them! However out of the 5 pairs of jeans I have, only one fits me like a dream and that’s the only one I wear. It’s GAP.. So it should be easy to find another one just like it right? Wrong! When I now go to the stores, none of the GAP jeans fit me either. Go figure!

So I decided… life’s too short to keep wondering if my own jeans will be better. Well guess what? You guys were absolutely right! Jalie 2908 is an absolutely awesome pattern. I never want to be without it.

This weekend I cut myself off from everything. I didn’t even turn my computer on for the last two days if you can believe that! It did take me one full day and a few hours yesterday (start to finish right from tracing the pattern to topstitching) to sew these.

But boy do I love them or what?

I can now truly see why this pattern is so popular on It was also the BEST pattern of 2009 and I can see it being in the list again this year. I mean everyone needs jeans don’t they?

I am too excited right now to even write a review. I have to add rivets today and I’ll write a full review on PatternReview after that.

Meanwhile here’s another photo.

This is also my February project for the One Garment a Month Sew along.

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Gagan is giving me the best birthday gift ever! We are going for a quick vacation to Belize this Friday! I am hoping to sew a quick linen top before we leave. That’s also the reason I wanted to finish these jeans this weekend…

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