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Inspiration overload! I need to focus

So much to sew, not enough time. Have you ever been in a situation where you are either sewing or dreaming about sewing. Well that’s me these days. Even in my office, I am wishing I could just go home and sew. And of course reading reviews on PR doesn’t help either. Like just the other day while going through the review gallery, I spotted this skirt Erica B just reviewed.

It’s a Vogue Pattern – 1092

Image Courtesy: Vogue Patterns and

And now, I so desperately want to drop everything and make it! I got the pattern and I even have the perfect fabric for it. Check it out:

And then, I thought, hmmmm I’ve never made a vest before, I need that too. So this Simplicity pattern caught my eye.

Simplicity 4079

Image Courtesy: Vogue Patterns and

Oh, and did I mention that January is a big month for all pattern companies and we are getting deliveries of new patterns from pretty much every pattern company these days. Patterns everywhere! Sounds like a dream office doesnt it? It isnt!!!!

What to do? I need more time or need to focus. I think tonight I will drop everything else (who needs to eat, right? ) and work on my Burda Magazine Denim skirt.

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