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Inspiration overload! I need to focus

So much to sew, not enough time. Have you ever been in a situation where you are either sewing or dreaming about sewing. Well that’s me these days. Even in my office, I am wishing I could just go home and sew. And of course reading reviews on PR doesn’t help either. Like just the other day while going through the review gallery, I spotted this skirt Erica B just reviewed.

It’s a Vogue Pattern – 1092

Image Courtesy: Vogue Patterns and

And now, I so desperately want to drop everything and make it! I got the pattern and I even have the perfect fabric for it. Check it out:

And then, I thought, hmmmm I’ve never made a vest before, I need that too. So this Simplicity pattern caught my eye.

Simplicity 4079

Image Courtesy: Vogue Patterns and

Oh, and did I mention that January is a big month for all pattern companies and we are getting deliveries of new patterns from pretty much every pattern company these days. Patterns everywhere! Sounds like a dream office doesnt it? It isnt!!!!

What to do? I need more time or need to focus. I think tonight I will drop everything else (who needs to eat, right? ) and work on my Burda Magazine Denim skirt.

One, no Two, or maybe THREE Garments in January?

How did this happen? Last year I barely made a garment a month. Somehow, a switch flipped in January and at this point, I sew every weekend! I am more proud than ever of my sewing and I enjoy sewing more and more every day. This is good news because that means that I am able to use that humongous stash of mine.

So back to what I’ve already made this month. I decided that I needed some new pants. I love Express Pants and they fit me like a dream but there are only two problems with that.

a) They are too much for my wallet.
b) I don’t like the quality of their fabric or their stitching.

I guess I am officially a SNOB! So, my solution: Make ’em!

And of course I turn to Jalie for trying out my first pair.

Jalie 2909 is a no fuss no pockets flat front pants pattern which fits the bill.

Image courtesy: Jalie and

First Pair

Problems: a) Waist too high even after shaving off an inch.
b) Length too short
c) Not enough flare

Second Pair

Much better!
Solutions: I shaved off yet another inch for a lower rise. Took in a little at the back seam and that solved the first problem. I added an inch for length. Unfortunately I had already cut it out before realizing I needed more flare.

In my 3rd pair, which I hope to work on soon, I will compare the flare to one of my express pants and add it to the pattern. And we can then call it done!

My Full Review on

Next up, JEANS! Yes, the Top Pattern of 2009 – yet another Jalie, 2908.

But before I dive into Jeans, I need to do a practice run on this skirt. I figured, I’ll practice the metal zipper on the fly front, waistband, top stitching and sewing on denim which will give me more confidence for Jeans.

Burda 12-2009-122

Image courtesy:

I am using a lightweight 6oz denim for this skirt.

More sewing: Well I have plans for the next 5 projects at least but I am just going to take it slow and talk about only one project at a time. This weekend is skirt sewing, unless I start some sewing tonight! Wish me luck.

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