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Stuff I got from India

So yes, I am back from a rather short trip to India to visit with my family and my new nephew! I bought the ticket on miles so there wasn’t much flexibility but I realize now that going thousands of miles away only for 12 days is not worth the travel hassles. Next time its two full weeks or nothing 🙂

I did enjoy blogging when I went last in April but since it was only 6 months ago, there was not much new stuff happening, other than my nephew! YES I have now become one of those people who constantly talk about their kids. This one’s not mine but how can I help it? He is adorable!!!

I thought that this time I’d share with you some of the stuff I brought back home with me. Most of these were gifts but some I bought in the few days I went shopping with Gagan.

There is a crafts bazaar which we always go to whenever we are in Delhi. I didn’t take pictures but this time there was this nice exhibit going on there in which award winning artists from all around the country came to sell their crafts. There were silk shawls, wood workers, jewelry artists, henna artists, pottery and so many other craftsmen, it was quite inspiring. It’s a shame that most people don’t think much of crafts these days in India, especially big cities, but for me it was HEAVEN! I was thinking of you at that market that how much you’d all enjoy it. I really should have taken photos.

Lets start with Fabric shall we? Because I travel a lot, I have a rule which I follow (most of the time). I only buy one piece from wherever I go. It keeps my stash under control and I don’t feel deprived. And because I only buy one fabric, sometimes I splurge. And that’s what I did on this one. It’s a hand embroidered piece of Tussah Silk. The photo doesn’t do justice to this lovely piece. It’s quite narrow but its 2.5 meters long. I am thinking that a lined version of the Built By Wendy tunic might show this fabric to it’s best. What do you think?

Note to self: Beware of the circles!

I also picked up 2.5 meters of this Sanskrit Fabric. I’ve been intrigued by fabrics like this. I liked the color and it was super cheap so I bought it. This will be another tunic, although not sure what style.

From the same Bazaar, I just couldn’t resist bringing home this little piece. How adorable are those little drawers. I don’t really know what I’ll do with it, but I just had to have it. The frame is wood and all the little drawers are ceramic. Isnt it cute? I am thinking, I’ll glue felt to the bottom of all the drawers and keep my jewelry in it.

Speaking of Jewelry, check out these adorable earrings my Mother in Law bought me…

This particular style of earrings is called “Jhumka”. It’s one of the many forms of classic Indian Jewelry. I have one in gold too which I got at my wedding. I’ll post a picture of those too later. You can see the similarity…

And these are not any particular style, just very cute…

Mary, a friend here in the office teaches pottery. She asked for some wooden blocks. Last time I went there, I couldn’t find any so imagine my surprise when I spotted not one but two vendors selling these blocks. They are primarily used for printing on textiles but can be used on many other surfaces as well. These are some of the blocks I picked up for her.

I got a few for myself too. I want to experiment with stamping on knit pants and shirts.

My mom gave me two saris and I know you’d love to see photos of the saris too but I still haven’t unpacked them. I promise as soon as things are more settled I will post some nice pictures.

And now, of course the reason I went!

Isn’t he a cutie? And he is wearing one of the sweaters I knit for him. Oh how I miss him! I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve just sat at my desk looking at the 100+ pictures I took capturing his every mood. I am a very happy aunt!

More later…

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