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Marriage of Fabric and Pattern is important!

A few weeks ago I got to test the prototype of the highly anticipated new tie front Jalie pattern 2921. PR weekend Portland attendees may remember the white top the lovely Emilie was wearing there. So excited I was to get this pattern that I didn’t pay attention to the fabric. I bought this fabric from Metro Textiles last year because I loved the color combo and the fact that it’s rayon jersey. It’s so hard to find good quality rayon jersey isn’t it? Of course what I did not see closely there : the really large concentric circles all over the print. See where I am going with this?

This is an example of a BAD Marriage!

In retrospect, even if I had paid attention on placement, there is simply nothing I could have done to avoid the “target” look. The circles are all over the place! And so engrossed I was in the construction of this top and the sheer excitement of it all, that I didn’t notice it until it was done and I wore it. And when I did, I was shocked to see it. There is no way I could wear it outside the house. My Solution? Wear it under a jacket. But then what’s the point 😦

Can you imagine the agony I am in? I simply love this pattern and you will too when it comes out (very soon!) But this is the lesson I learned in this project, never jump into a project without placing the fabric on yourself first.

Now, about the pattern. Did I say that I love it? The tie has endless possibilities. My friend Donna was playing with the top and together we were trying to figure out if there is anyway this top can be used. So she took the ties and tied a cute little knot in the back and voila! We have a cowl neck.

I still love the version with the buckle though. I am cutting out another top tonight in a solid rayon jersey which I know I will get lots of use from. The construction of this top is brilliant! My advice, don’t over think it, just go with the flow and it’ll all come together.

Jalie 2921

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