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A Diaper Bag, Can I do it?

Honestly… I don’t know why I take on projects I KNOW I can’t finish on time. But… it’s my first nephew and a thought occurred to me while shopping online for him. Should I make one for him? Granted that it’s more for his mother and his father (my brother). But I like to make things which I know will get used.

When I searched for Diaper bags on PatternReview, Butterick 4560 stood out with most number of good reviews. But here’s the caveat, I don’t think I have time.

I am leaving for India on December 12th and before that I have to sew a couple of baby sacks and finish my coat. And we’re heading towards the thanksgiving weekend. First week of December is super busy for me so I don’t foresee doing any sewing. But looking at the pattern, how many hours do you think this bag will take from cutting to sewing? Can/Should I do it? Or is my time better spent on searching for a RTW bag?

Be honest…

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