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July Project – Dress!

So this One Garment a Month is really working for me. I’ve noticed that this is also the only time I update the blog. Which made me think… I like deadlines, I like making plans and then sticking to them. So I am going to start a Wishful Wednesday. Why wednesday? Because Mondays are crazy for me and I barely have time to breathe let alone blog. I like setting easy deadlines so Wednesday it is.

Since I obviously can’t sew every Wednesday, my goal is to talk about a project I wish I could sew and hopefully some of these projects will make it to my one garment a month schedule.

I am hoping this will help me update my blog more, talk about sewing a bit more, learn about the things which will and will not work for me and who knows, maybe some of you will even like reading about my projects and perhaps add your own.

So that’s my plan and I am sticking to it.. I hope… I can.. I will… We’ll see…

On to the July Project

A lovely (if I may say so myself) summer dress! From March 2009 Burda. I’ve already written a full review on PatternReview so hop on over there to read it.

I made the necklace too!

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