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My Bags are Packed ( in theory) for my India Trip

In a perfect world, all my travel documents would be in place, my bags packed, all gifts wrapped, seats set in the flight, meal preferences set, house cleaned, not to mention stuff for, but we wont go there 🙂

In my world which is as real as it gets, NOTHING is done! Some would say “And you are blogging!” Ah… okay so I need to work on my priorities, but you know what, I need to do this. I need to start this post to prepare myself for what’s to come in the next few weeks.

So here we go, I am going to Delhi, India tomorrow for 3 weeks. From there, I am flying to Hyderabad to attend my brother’s graduation and then to Mumbai to visit with my cousin who is also my best friend and with whom I share so many fun childhood memories.

I am taking my netbook with me, and my hope is to share as much of my vacation with you as I can. See, last time when I was there was almost 2 years ago and every time I would visit a fabric store, I would think of you guys. I didnt blog then, but I do now, so I am bringing my camera with me and I promise you will hear from me quite often actually in the next few weeks. Even if I can’t find the time to post pics, I will post updates.

There is so much more to India than just bright colors and curry powder (although over there if you ask for curry powder they’ll have no idea what you’re talking about!). It is things like showing up in the middle of the night at your neighbor’s doorstep and being welcomed with open arms, It’s kicking back and relaxing over a cup of tea and samosas, surrounded by your loved ones. It’s waking up every morning to birds chirping and fruit vendors calling out in the streets. It’s about getting dressed up in saris and wearing lots of bangles for a wedding! It’s also about starting a conversation and continuing for hours with a complete stranger in the middle of the street and last but not the least, its taking a bite out of a FAT, JUICY MANGO!!!! in the summer. Renee, are you jealous?

It is my hope to share some of the joys of growing up in India with you as I travel.

So yes, my bags are NOT packed but I have my knitting with me, and guess what else I have? An advance copy of Annika’s BOOK – Micro Macrame!

As I was going through the book last night, I was literally drooling over the stuff she has in there. Do I need another hobby? YOU BET!!! And I am going to the right place to collect the goodies for it. Wait for photos of the jewelry district and OH MY did I mention there is a wholesale fabric market in Delhi where I am going with my mom?

While there, I’m also going to interview one of the finest menswear tailor in Delhi.

Stay Tuned!

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