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Year of the Muslin

I am calling this the Year of the Muslin. That’s right, I bought a whole bolt and not afraid to use it. I am taking the time to explore the possibilities. Starting with this cute Burda WOF Blouse everyone was making last year. I am a little late to the party but enjoying it neverthless.

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Step 1: Muslin Making
Making the muslin led to some fitting discoveries. Almost all the Burda patterns have too wide of a shoulder. So I have to shave off about 1/2″. I was also getting some wrinkles right under the bust which were driving me nuts.

Shannon and Heidi both recommended taking out the excess fabric right under the bust. So I did that and it looks much better. There are still some wrinkles but I dont want to overfit so I am willing to live with this.

Now comes the fun part. Sewing it!

I cut it out from the lovely cotton I bought in Costa Rica.

Because the fabric is very thin, following the advice of one of the reviewers, I made the bib double layer. And guess what? I hand basted the layers together with a silk thread. You can see that I am indeed taking the time on this. I am breaking it down into smaller steps and sew a little bit every night. So it’s quite fun actually.

Here’s what I have so far. The back and the front are done, the sleeves are gathered up and ready to go. My interfacing is getting pre treated and tonight I will be able to do the collar. I am going to NYC this weekend so I should be able to find some treasures there for this blouse. Or who knows, maybe I’ll wear it to NYC. Still too cold for it though.

My next version from this pattern will be in Linen. I bought this handkerchief linen from but the cranberry turned out to be too dark. So I am thinking, maybe that should be a skirt. I’ll make the blouse from the oatmeal Linen. What do you think?


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