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Fun AND Productive Weekend

So remember my post The Love Affair is over back in December about the hole in my favorite socks? Ok so in my anger I gave up knitting (like that’s going to do anything). But the truth is I don’t like fixing things. I like creating from scratch but not fixing. It applies to everything… Sewing, cooking, knitting, pretty much everything I do. To give you an example, Gagan asked me to fix the loose button in one of his shirts one time. I asked him to put the shirt in my sewing room. It was lying there for more than a year! Next year my mom visited and long story short… she was the one who ended up fixing it. Yes, I detest fixing. But part of the reason is because I don’t know how… Well the button was just laziness but things like fixing that hole in the sock.

OK so here’s what happened this weekend. Gagan’s aunt was with us this weekend. She and I were chatting one evening when the subject of sock came up. I was ready to throw out the sock when she said, give it to me, I’ll fix it. I warned Bua(Hindi for Aunt) that it’s a big hole to which she said “If I can become a doctor, I can do anything!”. She is too cute. I love her enthusiasm. And sure enough, half an hour later, the sock was patched up. And just like that, I learned a new skill and she revived my faith in knitting. She also showed me a few tricks on how to reinforce the heel of socks.

Here’s how she did it.

She picked up the stitches and tied the thread to close the hole first.

Stitches picked up and closed. We now have a circle which will not fray.

She then picked up stitches from a couple of rows before the hole started. The goal is to knit a rectangle and then stitch it down on top of the hole like a patch.

Testing the rectangle to see if it’s big enough to cover up.

Finally stitching it down.

Later than night. I started a new sock šŸ™‚ Having this new skill gives me the freedom I always wanted. Now I can FIX things.. well not everything. We’ll start with a sock šŸ™‚

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