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Costa Rica adventures begin!

Ah the warm breeze, the lush gree rain forest and the friendly people!
That’s right. I am still sitting at Boston’s Logan Airport and probably won’t reach Costa Rica until Sunday night, fingers crossed.
Here’s what happened…
So we reached the airport at 1:00 expecting to board Delta 1865 leaving for Atlanta at 2:40 PM. When we checked in, they didn’t tell us anything. Simply pointed us to the gate. At the gate we find out that the flight has been delayed by 1.5 hrs. What does that mean? We’re most probably going to miss our connecting flight from Atlanta to San Jose , Costa Rica.
After standing in the line for 45 minues when we were finally able to talk to an agent we were told not to worry because the connecting flight has also been delayed so we’ll make it in time. No biggie, we wait patiently. I am knitting the dreaded socks ( read my previous sock post) and Gagan is busy with his blackberry.
We boarded the plane at 4:00 and they make us sit in it for another 45 minutes and we finally start taxing to the runway when they announced that because of some mechanical error (could they be any more vague?) they are going to take us back to the gate and swap planes. When we reach the gate there is obviously a big line at the counter. They announced that they will swap planes but they don’t know how long it’ll take.
They tell us that if we want to go home they’ll be glad to accommodate us for the next day. EXCEPT! All the flights are sold out until Sunday!
So at this time we’ve already paid $180 for weekly parking at Logan, the car we rented in San Jose for a week is non-refundable and so are the hotel rooms. The earliest they can get us out of Logan to San Jose is Sunday which cuts our vacation by 2 days and they can’t extend it either because they have no vacancies.
Needless to say we’re completely screwed. I am sitting here at the baggage claim waiting for my bag to show up. They said it can take some time. GREAT!
Will DELTA pay for any of the expenses we’ve incurred? Well , I am going to write to them until they do. And until they’re sick of talking to me. As for the vacation, I am still hopeful that we’ll get there on Sunday and still have a great time. I know we will.
As I am writing this, Gagan is furious and restless. I cannot seem to calm him down, but while we are in Boston, lets see if I can get him to take me to a nice restaurant so at least it’s not all bad. That is if we ever get the bag back.
If there is one thing PR has taught me, its to remain calm in situations like this 
Moral of the story? Do not fly out in peak season. Stay home, stay warm and enjoy warm cider, some home baked cookies and Netflix movies! BTW Netflix rocks. I just watched the whole season 1 of 30 ROCK last night. Well not all the episodes but most.
Thanks for letting me vent. I am sure you guys have been in similar situations. I have been too before but this is by far the WORST!
Now let me get off my soap box and find that hubby of mine. Oh there he is. He’s the one with smoke coming out of his ears!

p.s. We came back home last night without our bags after waiting for 1.5 more at the airport. So as it stands they dont know where our bags are. We’re scheduled to leave early morning tomorrow so fingers crossed we will be there Sunday afternoon. Wish me luck!!! I really do need it.

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