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The Love Affair is Over – Relax its just knitting!

Last year I took up knitting. Wanted to see what the big deal is? Yes, I loved the portability of it but have you priced the yarns? They are so expensive and rightly so. There are many independent dyers who put in a lot of time and passion into this. The question is – Can I afford it? Well, I thought socks aren’t bad because even though the yarn is expensive you only need a skein.

So far so good. I got hooked to it. Since last fall, I’ve made more than 5 pairs of socks and collected a few more skeins. Everything was going so well, carrying my little sock project with me everywhere, showing off my hand knit socks to everyone. Everything was good… until last night, when I discovered a BIG HOLE in my sock. What a SHOCK!!!

I have never, I repeat NEVER had a hole in my socks. In the 34 years of my life, like NEVER!!! My lifestyle doesn’t involve a lot of walking, I did everything right, washed them in warm water, air dried them and still? I take really good care of my feet too. Apply a nice foot cream every night! Have been doing that forever. So I don’t understand how this happened?

Now lets talk about the yarn. I bought it in Germany… paid a hefty sum for it too. I am told this is the finest merino wool sock yarn you can find. Now when I got into sock knitting I ASSUMED that you can actually wear ’em after you are done. Apparently not! It’s not even been a year since I started wearing them. I am sorry for going on and on about this but I need to vent!

I am DONE! Soooo DONE with knitting. At least socks. I will of course finish the pair on my needles right now and eventually finish the stash of sock yarn but basically the honeymoon is over.

You see, unlike most sewing projects, knitting is a big time investment! Even if you took the most challenging of sewing projects, you could still whip it up much quicker than a pair of socks.

As for these socks, I do have some yarn left over so hopefully I can find a solution to mend them but right now its too painful to look at. So I hopped into my car and gladly paid FIVE dollars for a wool sock so my feet won’t be cold 🙂

There is one good thing these socks did though, got me out of my blog slump 🙂 I just needed to vent! Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions for me, PLEASE do post.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must retire to my sewing room to whip up a Jalie sweetheart top. I do have 45 minutes on me right now 😉

December 15th OK Its a new day and I’ve calmed down a bit. So I admit I won’t give up knitting altogether but I’ll make a wiser choice with yarns now. Tini recommended a sock yarn with nylon in it, so that’s what I am going to knit with now. And ajkmama recommended this method to fix these socks which I have to say is PRETTY COOL! I might actually do that. Thanks!!! Good thing I have sock yarn left over.

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